Mar 8th 21 3:17 pm
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Is it safe to drink from my 1950s tea set?

by ShyMouseTea » Mar 8th 21 3:17 pm

So i recently came into the ownership of a very nice 1950s Coronet Bone China 3 piece tea set, a cup, a saucer and a plate. They have a beautiful autumn theme to them being decorated with acorns, oak leaves and what i believe are thistles.

Now as someone who doesn’t exactly know much about old tea sets i didn’t even consider that there could possibly be lead or other harmful substances in my cup, and only realised after i was concerned that the metallic rim on the cup could cause problems.

I’m now rather concerned as i bought this to be used fairly regularly, although only to be used with cold drinks. I’m really quite fond of it and it would be a dreadful shame if i couldn’t use it as i intended to.

So if anyone has any ideas if this set is safe to use or not on a fairly regular basis it would be greatly appreciated.

(If i can work out how, i’ll add a picture of the cup and saucer in the replies)