What's the best infuser for Longjing tea?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 3rd 21 11:35 am
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What's the best infuser for Longjing tea?

by Winterdocks » Jul 3rd 21 11:35 am

I thought about Yixing teapot but I'm reading that it's not good for Longjing tea.

It's a gift I'd like to give to a Chinese person who is a Longjing tea drinker.

Aug 8th 21 10:28 am
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Re: What's the best infuser for Longjing tea?

by West Green » Aug 8th 21 10:28 am

There are three kinds of tea sets: glass, porcelain and purple clay, and these three kinds of tea sets have their own advantages.

1. Glass tea set is the first choice for brewing Longjing
First of all, the glass tea set itself is transparent, which makes it easy for us to appreciate the beautiful shape of "delicate and famous green tea".
Secondly, the heat dissipation of glass tea sets is fast, and the tea leaves are not easy to turn yellow when brewing, and the green color of tea leaves and tea soup can be maintained.

2, Porcelain tea set, suitable for brewing Longjing
Porcelain tea sets are dense and heat transfer fast, suitable for brewing all kinds of tea, including Longjing tea.

3. Zisha pot is not recommended for brewing Longjing.
The main characteristic of purple sand is the polymerization temperature.
When brewing green tea, especially delicate tea like Longjing tea, polywarm tea sets are something to avoid. Because this kind of tea set, to brew green tea skill requirement is more strict.
With this kind of warm tea set bubble Longjing, tea color is easy to appear yellow, lose beauty, aroma weakened, and even produce the phenomenon of "cooked soup".