Cold brew tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Oct 16th 21 5:57 pm
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Cold brew tea

by donaldbathe » Oct 16th 21 5:57 pm

How is cold brew tea different from regular tea which is prepared with boiling water? If someone wanted to use lipton black tea from those little bags or lipton black tea which comes in loose leaves, would the acids and oils not be released like cold brew coffee?

Dec 27th 21 3:22 am
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Re: Cold brew tea

by hongtea » Dec 27th 21 3:22 am

It can tell its different, try 68F, 100ml, 2h.

Just read a report on cold brew on white tea, yes the release is different.

For cold brew, temperature policy is as close as the temperature of tea plant under the land.
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