Jan 8th 22 12:38 am
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How do you not burn your fingers on a Yixing Xishi pot?

by sandc » Jan 8th 22 12:38 am

How do you not burn your fingers while pouring, if you keep your Yixing Xishi pot as hot as possible, by filling it to the brim and pouring hot water over the outside, too?!
I understand I should hold the upper end of the handle with two fingers and put an index finger on the knob - but the knob is very hot, too. Is there a trick or shall I just get used to that burning heat?

Some pots have a nice ribbon between knob and handle. If mine had that, I probably could put my finger on that band and find a cooler spot. Are those ribbons for sale anywhere, and if so, what would be the search term on aliexpress/ebay/amazon?
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