What size calabash/cuia for one person?

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Jul 13th 22 6:50 pm
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What size calabash/cuia for one person?

by Cifer » Jul 13th 22 6:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to try more mate, and want to buy proper cups. I haven't decided on the material yet, but the shapes will be the traditional ones (round for Argentinian mate, chalice-shaped for powdery Brazilian mate).

I am unsure which size is appropriate for one person. I thought 200 ml would be all right, but I've heard some people say - including Brazilian store owners - that even for one person a bit bigger would be appropriate.

First of all: Why exactly are cuias normally larger than the Argentinian counterparts? Is there more to it than tradition and there is a practical reason, or should I get the same size for both?

Secondly, what should the volume for each be? I know it's preference, but I'm talking about what people in those countries reasonably use if they drink alone.

Thanks a lot!