Sep 28th 22 7:17 am
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Help me choose teapot for young sheng

by kko » Sep 28th 22 7:17 am

Hi all,

Apologies for yet another newbie question. I’d really appreciate your input, as this space is difficult to navigate for someone without much experience.

I am looking to get a yixing pot specifically for young sheng. There’s just something special about brewing with unglazed clay, and to me it 100% elevates the experience.
I enjoy lively and bitter tea, I really like material from Lao Man E and Bulang for example. So I don’t really want to take much from flavour.

I figured Zhuni around 100ml is going to be my best bet. I know that this is going to be tuition pot, so I want to stick to $200 budget, however I am a bit flexible, if more can get me something significantly better.

I’ve narrowed it down to 4 candidates:

Dabinruyi from Mud and Leaves - ... 2444263643

Dodecagon from Mud and Leaves - ... 2444263643

Yu Zhu from Yinchen - ... apot-100ml

Guava from Yinchen - ... apot-100ml

Which one should I get and why? Or should I get something different altogether? Any suggestions are most welcome.
Many thanks!