Aug 27th 23 8:38 pm
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Seeking Kutani? Teapot Info and Lead Question

by TeeaMee » Aug 27th 23 8:38 pm

Hello! I recently purchased a 6 piece tea set for $3 at an antique barn and had some questions.
(Teapot, creamer, and 4 small bowls.)
I believe the set is Kutani teaware, and that the visible markings say that, but is there a way to tell if it's authentic or a replica/fake? I tested everything with a lead swab, and only the raised copper coloured portion showed a small reaction, not any of the red colour, or the inside, etc. I'm wondering if it would be safe to drink from?
I can't recall seeing this type of filter in a Kyusu style teapot before, so I'm sorta thinking green teas might clog it easily.
Any help, info, feedback and comments are appreciated. If anyone wants more info or photos, I'm happy to provide. :)
Thank you. :)
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