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Aug 16th, '07, 05:43
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by eddyd84 » Aug 16th, '07, 05:43

That looks like a kombucha scoby(symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The taste of the fermented tea is sweet/sour like cider. More info ... _guide.htm
Some things in your instructions seem off and very conducive to mold formation.
Sufficient acidity is needed to prevent mold. Rinsing the colony in water would dilute the acid.
I would not drink it hot. Most people drink kombucha for it's live bacteria/yeasts. Heating will kill them. Slightly warm on a cold morning is yum though.
Also do not store the culture in the fridge. It is best at room temperature in its own tea.
Air flow is important too. A tight lid on your fermenting vessel would block this A tightly woven cloth or paper towel over the top of the jar held with a rubber band is recommended.

I've been brewing kombucha for over a year and these recommendations come from my experience and a lot of reading that I've done. Kombucha is an acquired taste and becomes addicting. :) If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Aug 16th, '07, 13:09
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by tomasini » Aug 16th, '07, 13:09

:shock: :shock: :shock: thats the most disgusting thing ive ever seen next to the pu erh spongebaths space samurai used to pay me to give him...

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Aug 16th, '07, 13:33
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by Wesli » Aug 16th, '07, 13:33

Being convinced that a hunk of bacteria from the bottom of the amazon is worth more than gold -

Taking 5 hours to Explain to homeland security it's health benefits -

Watching your child brew bacteria using a nine-step, week-long process -

Buying a new cooking pot - $30

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Aug 16th, '07, 14:01
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by Eastree » Aug 16th, '07, 14:01

Recently a coworker found a bottle of Gatorade with broken seal. The contents looked quite similar to your pictures. Except they were Fruit Punch.

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Aug 16th, '07, 15:20
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by Mary R » Aug 16th, '07, 15:20

EWWW! I never want to hear that Gatorade story again! Ever!

But yeah, this looks a lot like kombucha. The Wall Street Journal was obsessed with it a few weeks back. (And by obsessed I mean published an article or two.) It is vile, but intriguing enough that I might write something on it.

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Aug 16th, '07, 19:53
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by Space Samurai » Aug 16th, '07, 19:53

I sell the hell out of kombucha in my store, which is proof people will drink anything to "be healthy." We ran out once, and I feared for my life until I could get some back in. Its crazy.

The taste could be worse. Imagaine if you combinded almost equal portions of vinegar and club soda.

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Aug 16th, '07, 20:34
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by scruffmcgruff » Aug 16th, '07, 20:34

oh... my... *BLEEECCHHHHHHH*


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