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Jul 31st 05 3:18 am

Tea Choices

by alberta » Jul 31st 05 3:18 am

I am planning of opening my tearoom somewhere in the future, what types of tea should I offer to my cusotmers?

Should I offer more real teas such as Chinese, Indian, Estate, etc.. or should I check the taste buds demographic based on the store location?

I know the demographics are leaning towards taste like fruits, chocolates, and herb. But there might be a small segments who are serious tea drinker. Or perhaps there might be a budding tea expert.
How much tea should I stock so as not to overload the store?


Aug 1st 05 1:41 am

by Maria » Aug 1st 05 1:41 am

I don't know if you are interested but Thmy for Tea in Lansdale Pa is hosting a seminar in September on How to Own and Operate a Sucessful Tearoom. You can check out our information at www.worldteaexpo.com under education and I can send you out an information packet. Also look under Planning on teachat
www.mariastea@aol.com -Good Luck in your new venture

Aug 15th 05 7:56 pm

by Guest » Aug 15th 05 7:56 pm

Have you consider getting tea from VietNam. VietNam produces variety of tea(organic green tea, white tea, sencha green tea, black tea, oolong, others) with highest quality and sell at very competitive prices. I'm looking for store owners who willing to carry tea produce in VietNam. If you are interested please email me at vuong_chan_nhan@yahoo.com.