monday TEADAY 3/31/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Do me a flavor and tell me, do you favor flavors in your tea?

Yes, I love flavored tea and drink it all day
Yes, I really like it and drink flavored tea virtually everyday
Yes, I like it and drink flavored tea more days than not
No, I have tried it, but don't like flavors in my tea
No, haven't tried it and will not try it
Total votes: 55

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Mar 31st 08 3:45 pm
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by auggy » Mar 31st 08 3:45 pm

I like some flavored teas, especially when the flavoring is more of an undertone than the predominate flavor. But I don't drink them all that often.

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Mar 31st 08 4:30 pm
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by xine » Mar 31st 08 4:30 pm


Hope it's great!

As for the flavored tea question- I do enjoy them once in a while- especially Indian cha with lots of spices, and fruity flavored ones for making iced teas. Also, this winter I 've been into creamy, sweet types of flavors- liek vanilla, and adagio's valentines with a little sugar. If I do drink flavored teas, it's usually cos I have a sweet tooth craving, or if I'm eating something sweet.

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Mar 31st 08 4:36 pm
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by olivierco » Mar 31st 08 4:36 pm

Happy Birthday Chip!

Just back from work and drinking jasmine pearls.

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Mar 31st 08 5:28 pm
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 31st 08 5:28 pm

I have never had a flavored tea where I feel the added "flavor" doese not effect (ina bad way) the flavor of the true tea. I feel it is just a way for companies to add filler to make less actual tea go further, so to speak, and make the customer pay more and they make a proffit. It is also a nice way to make people who dont truly like the taste of tea by itself feel like they are still "tea drinkers".

-Today has been a premium sencha day all day

-Nick (TaiPing)

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Mar 31st 08 5:40 pm
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by Victoria » Mar 31st 08 5:40 pm

I picked "other" in the poll because in general I don't like flavored tea. But there are a few exceptions. Sometimes a certain black here and there. And obviously the new orange blossom oolong of which I'm drinking a cup of right now.

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Mar 31st 08 5:44 pm
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by Chip » Mar 31st 08 5:44 pm

Thank you everyone for your kind birthday wishes...that really made my day!!!

I am having an intense cup of Fukamushi Superior. I will go so far as to call this the best $11 tea on the planet.... it is just an unbelievably flavorful everyday sencha, and despite its stronger than most astringency, it just works.

Flavors...back in the previous millenium when I started drinking tea...and trying everything, flavored teas dominated my cabinet. But as I discovered greens and oolongs and to a lesser degree blacks, I found I prefered unflavored. And have ever since.

Flavored iced tea is still nice.

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Mar 31st 08 5:51 pm
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by skywarrior » Mar 31st 08 5:51 pm

Happy Birthday Chip! :lol:

I'm the miscreant who really loves flavored teas. But I really love black and oolong teas too.

Yesterday, I tried to drink some decent sencha and gagged. I think I'm just not a Japanese green drinker. (Now, honestly, it did get better over time and when I watered it down again). I'll drink dragonwell occasionally, but if you get me to drink green, it's genmaicha or flavored.

Which probably makes all the green folks livid. Well, more green tea for you, my friends!

On such a fine tea day, I am drinking chocolate tea, but I may switch to cinnamon and vanilla tea. Or maybe huckleberry.

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Mar 31st 08 5:54 pm
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by tenuki » Mar 31st 08 5:54 pm

I respond similarly to this question as I respond to a barista asking me what flavor I want in my espresso.

<blank stare>
uh, coffee?
</blank stare>

I guess I'm not fancy, just picky. :)

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Mar 31st 08 6:19 pm
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by insanitylater » Mar 31st 08 6:19 pm

happy birthday chip. i don't mind scented/flavored teas if they are really good (the bolero blend sample i received was delicious). i'm really curious about the cherry sencha that gets a lot of love here. once i picked up some chinese black tea with cherry and it was like drinking cherry cough syrup :?

no tea yet since i woke up later than usual. i did have coffee with my bagel though!

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Mar 31st 08 7:08 pm
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by olivierco » Mar 31st 08 7:08 pm

Just had Uji Gyokuro "Yume no Ukihashi". Too bad the third and subsequent steeps are weak compared to the first and second that are just excellent.

I guess a Dong Ding will nicely close the day.

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Mar 31st 08 8:30 pm
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by scruffmcgruff » Mar 31st 08 8:30 pm

Happy birthday Chippers!

As for flavored teas... I think my position is fairly well-known. :)

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Mar 31st 08 8:42 pm
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by fencerdenoctum » Mar 31st 08 8:42 pm

Chip- Happy Birthday good sir! *doffs hat*

I'm not a huge fan of flavored teas myself. If you consider Earl Grey a flavor I do enjoy it quite a bit. I've had a few others, but with most you just get the scent and crappy tea. Adagio's peach and passionfruit are loverly as well as valentines.

Matcha for me. All. Day. Long.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Mar 31st 08 10:32 pm
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by scotty X » Mar 31st 08 10:32 pm

i don't really enjoy flavored teas, but i'll occasionally go for some jasmine green, and i can always get down on the earl grey. although i don't drink it much, i really like chai. i also like to flavor my iced teas with mints or lemon balm, and i can even dig a fruited oolong iced.

i've been tea-starved today (only yunnan imperial in the morning) because i had to go to the dentist. the hygienist saw some staining action going on, and can you believe what she said?

"you drink CAW-fee, o' is you a SMO-kah?"

um, excuse me, none of the above: i drink tea.

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Apr 1st 08 12:05 am
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by greenisgood » Apr 1st 08 12:05 am

hello everyone. and happy b-day to chip.

I started over on o-cha's forum where all the cool kids talk about the greener, steamier sides of tea and I finally decided to venture over to the popier and seemingly more eventful side of tea chatting here for a change.

I generally dislike all the really weird flavored teas but I go with the good old classics when the feeling strikes me; I'm not opposed to some chai or jasmine or a rainy afternoon spent with the good earl g.

It seems to be the fashionable thing to do to share one's own teaday as well: I started with coffee actually (gasp!) needing some extra caffiene instead of my old morning standby Darjeeling Mullootar 2nd Flush, but have no fear, I soon switched to some everyday sencha with lunch and rounded things off with an afternoon 'session' of some Sencha Shoike-no-o that I had the pleasure of purchasing at The Ippodo tea shop. And what the night may bring I can only guess but I'm thinking a casual gaiwan of Wen Shan Bao Zhong.

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Apr 1st 08 1:05 am
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by Sydney » Apr 1st 08 1:05 am

I chose 'other'.

Tea, like wine or cheese, represents a spectrum of different flavors already. If someone finds some combination of "Tea X" and "Fruit Y" or whatever to be tasty and non-toxic, I say go for it.

At PF Chang's, they have some flavored tea that's not bad. And I've had a few others, like Citron Green that I thought were just fine.