Good tea for de-stressing?

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

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Nov 11th 08 5:48 pm
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by tjkoko_off » Nov 11th 08 5:48 pm

I've always used a mixture of valerian root, chamomile and scullcap to induce relaxation for my patients (former chiro here). And valerian root is a great relaxant to sooth female complaints; for this herb has been used by women for such ailments since the middle ages.

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Nov 12th 08 12:28 am
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by cha cha cha » Nov 12th 08 12:28 am

tenuki wrote:A couple of the aged shen puerhs I have really mellow me out. I usually drink them in the evening for that reason.
what's the caffeine content like for aged sheng?

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Nov 17th 08 7:57 pm
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by swampdonkey » Nov 17th 08 7:57 pm

My NyQuil is organic chamomile w/ a generous tablespoon of my own fireweed honey mixed in. Z-z-z....

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Nov 17th 08 11:57 pm
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by teaguru » Nov 17th 08 11:57 pm

I often enjoy a cup of lemongrass and ginger root. I find that it's very soothing on the stomach and helps me settle down. The warm, spicy, lemon flavour is always a great comfort to me, and it's a great cup to snuggle up and watch TV with.

If it's been a long day and I'm all achy, then I have some honeybush mixed with lemongrass usually. Honeybush is a natural muscle relaxant that's lovely and fruity. Perfect for getting me to gear down.

Sometimes if I'm really dopey, I'll add some chamomile to my lemongrass and ginger to totally zonk me out. If I want a bit of a kick without being all wide-eyed and hyper, I'll add a teaspoon of peppermint to the mix, instead of chamomile. It's a great refresher, and it makes a wonderful iced tea (add a few pieces of hibiscus for blast of colour and some vitamin C).

Jan 4th 09 5:52 pm
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by Intuit » Jan 4th 09 5:52 pm

Valarian, lemongrass, and ginger root will work.

Chamomile is pretty interesting. It contains a considerable quantity of tryptophan.

In normal individuals, that has a calming effect.

However, in those who have hypersensitivity to the effects of cortisol (a genetic issue) OR produce too much cortisol (caused by poor feedback control, either genetic in origin or induced from chronic stress aided by periods of inactivity and poor diet), chamomile worsens the negative effects of cortisol excess or hypersensitivity.

Tryptophan induces cortisol, renin and aldosterone hormone release.

Aldosterone affects kidney function, body water balance and therefore, thirst response.

If you have a sensitivity to chamomile extract, chances are you also have a similar response to licorice root (including water retention and thirst).

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Jan 4th 09 6:16 pm
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by kymidwife » Jan 4th 09 6:16 pm

Destressing beverage = Teaquila


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Jan 5th 09 5:14 am
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by Figgy » Jan 5th 09 5:14 am

When I am feeling like I need to de-stress I take L-tryptophan tablets, drink kava kava tea or skullcap works. Unfortunatly I am allergic to chamomile tea, but that would work really well mixed with the skullcap for your friend.

Skullcap is pretty amazing stuff, it works great in the pills from natures way

Jan 14th 09 11:11 pm
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lavender tea

by amyrebecca » Jan 14th 09 11:11 pm

My latest de-stress tea is just pure loose dried lavender petals that i get from a local tea house, it tastes amazing with honey :)

Sep 28th 14 8:49 am
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Re: Good tea for de-stressing?

by chai » Sep 28th 14 8:49 am

Nice teas for de-stressing are Rooibos and Lavender. :)

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Sep 29th 14 11:47 am
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Re: Good tea for de-stressing?

by Poseidon » Sep 29th 14 11:47 am

I would say the best tea for de-stressing is really any tea you like. Personally, my stress melts away as soon as I stop and have a fresh cup of a tea that I enjoy. Whether that is Black, Green, Oolong, ect; It doesnt matter to me. I just have to enjoy the cup.

For a 1-2 de-stressing punch, Chamomile works to help you relax which could in turn help with stress.

Jun 1st 15 10:55 pm
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Re: Good tea for de-stressing?

by teagenesis » Jun 1st 15 10:55 pm

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Jun 1st 15 11:57 pm
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Re: Good tea for de-stressing?

by jayinhk » Jun 1st 15 11:57 pm

I used to drink a blend of chamomile and lavender and it works well.

Greens and oolongs chill me out enough that I want to go back to sleep!