Let's talk Nilgiri

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Jul 9th, '15, 12:21
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Re: Let's talk Nilgiri

by puerhking » Jul 9th, '15, 12:21

Golden Tips has three right now......

http://goldentipstea.com/collections/ni ... black-teas

Jul 25th, '15, 17:36
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Re: Let's talk Nilgiri

by ClarG » Jul 25th, '15, 17:36

I really enjoy the Nilgiri tea from the NM tea company.

It's from the Korakundah Tea Estate, organic, and FOP.

http://www.nmteaco.com/Nilgiri-Indigo-O ... p_692.html

I had some of it today with just milk and it tasted delicious.

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