Official Pu of the day

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jul 5th 18 10:49 am
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Re: Official Pu of the day

by mr mopu » Jul 5th 18 10:49 am

2016 Teadontlie
mrmopar drank 2016 Teadontlie by White2Tea
Excellent tea. The depth is coming out on this one. I did my usual 10grams to 100ml of water just off boiling and one rinse. The florality aroma of this one comes early. Sweetness almsxt like a gum taste comes in early. The later steeps lose much of the florality and the tea gets heavier and almost a touch viscous. Later steeps had the bitter aspects coming in. I played around in the leaves and would guess a couple of years leaf in this one. Nice leaf, and mostly 2 leaves and a bud. Found a couple that were almost able to stretch across my palm. Good tea to celebrate a bit with.

Happy Fourth of July to all. Let us remember the ones who gave us our freedom and still are on point to protect it.

Flavors: Floral, Heavy, Sweet, Thick

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Jul 6th 18 2:23 am
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Re: Official Pu of the day

by Maxwell2079 » Jul 6th 18 2:23 am

bagua7 wrote: Thanks again. Any of the recent offerings by Chawangshop you’d recommend? Cheers!
Hey Bagua, it´s been a while!

These two are great teas!
First one is a bit more bitter than the second one and more expensive. Both are really high quality teas, nice and fast huigan, last many and stable amount of infusions. ... -200g.html ... -200g.html

Forgot to add this one which is a bit cheaper because it's slightly younger tea. ... -200g.html

Nov 20th 18 5:50 pm
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Re: Official Pu of the day

by chapka » Nov 20th 18 5:50 pm


"That's No Moon," 2015 shou pu'er. Picked and processed in Simao, Yunnan, and aged in Seattle. 5g, rinsed twice and brewed in 150ml of water, starting with a 30 second infusion.

Okay, I bought this mostly for the novelty wrapper, but local Seattle teamaker Crimson Lotus sources good tea, and this is no exception. Rich, dark color, fading to peach in later infusions. Full flavored but not syrupy or harsh, more like malt than molasses. After four or five infusions it gets thinner but in a well-balanced way, just a nice subtle flavor.

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Mar 3rd 19 3:12 pm
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Re: Official Pu of the day

by HifideliTea » Mar 3rd 19 3:12 pm

I was in Taipei recently and the Puerh prices there are insanely high. Ended up buying Taiwan Oolongs instead.

For the past 4-5 years, I have not purchased any puerh's as there's just too much to last me a lifetime.
However, at a trip to Malaysia late last year, I ended up buying a toong of Xigui, which I do not have a collection of, except for 2 balls (yes, compressed into the shape of a ball).
It's 2015 and I hope it will age well. The other toong is a Bulang shan.
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