Greetings from Spokane!

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Greetings from Spokane!

Postby RyanGreen » Mar 8th, '11, 15:29

My name is Ryan Green and I'm a college student here in Spokane attending Moody Bible Institute and I have to say... I'm ridiculously pumped to get into tea. I'm from the Chicago area and realized that I was going into the coffee capital of the country (the northwest), only I don't like coffee and didn't want to get "hooked" on it just because I was in the northwest.

It's so nice to know that a little bit of Illinois has incredible teas and I'm SO pumped to get hooked on tea... haha

Score much!?

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Re: Greetings from Spokane!

Postby Chip » Mar 8th, '11, 15:38

Welcome Ryan to TeaChat ... hope to see you around the forum.

There is a strong tea contingent in the PNW as well! Try some good GREENS!

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Re: Greetings from Spokane!

Postby Windy_City_TeaCup » Mar 9th, '11, 07:57

Hi Ryan,

A fellow Chicago tea drinker! I too would be nervous moving to the coffee could be converted! :)

Good luck in your studies and hope to see you in chat!


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Re: Greetings from Spokane!

Postby hopeofdawn » Mar 10th, '11, 10:50

Hi Ryan--

If you ever manage to get out to Seattle or Portland, make sure to check out our tea shops--we have some really amazing ones! Sadly, I have yet to find any fine tea purveyors in Spokane ...

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