Teapot Conundrum: Opinions?

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Teapot Conundrum: Opinions?

Postby Thirsty Daruma » Oct 10th, '07, 01:59

I'm about to purchase my first wave of real, genuine tea equipment. Currently I'm sipping out of a 10 oz. lidless mug with a teaball jammed into it, and I know I can do better. I'd like to stick with some beginner equipment, and something that can be "all purpose" like a gaiwan without flavor memory. There are three teapots I'm looking at to this end.

The Chatford



I also looked at the Beehouse line, and while they make very nice teapots it's not quite as aesthetically pleasing to me.

Does anybody have any experience with these products?
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Thirsty Daruma
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Postby skywarrior » Oct 10th, '07, 03:02

I don't know, to be honest with you. I have an iron japanese teapot I put my tea in. I would say if you're going with glazed pots that can be used for several types, then I think aesthetics is pretty much what you're looking for. I use my white ceramic tea pot for the tea I make that will become iced tea, but that is my choice. I've been waffling over what to use for my porous clay dragon pot. I'm thinking Oolong, but that's me.
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Postby Space Samurai » Oct 10th, '07, 03:05

Wow, much to my surprise I don't hate the For Life Wholeeaf. Its rather nice. You should buy that one so that I can enjoy it vacariously through you.
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Space Samurai
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Postby Wesli » Oct 10th, '07, 10:29

agreed, that one does look pretty cool. You might also want to check out some tetsubins if you haven't already.
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Postby DethChef » Oct 10th, '07, 12:48

I like both of the FORLIFE pots, but I wonder how much heat is lost through the lid. For the most part they look almost exactly like the Japanese Beehouse pots with flat lids.
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Postby Mary R » Oct 10th, '07, 14:31

spacesamurai wrote:Wow, much to my surprise I don't hate the For Life Wholeleaf.

Ditto. It's kinda cute and thoroughly mod-hip with its Harry Potter Golden Snitch-like proportions. I even like the lid, though I do wonder about possible heat loss.

You might want to consider a smaller pot, though. You can get several re-steepings from most leaves, and you might just find that a 10-oz pot would be the perfect size to accommodate your discriminating tastes while staying within the limits of your kidneys.
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Mary R
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Postby Al » Oct 10th, '07, 22:44

I have a FORLIFE infuser mug. Just to warn you, if the infuser is similar in that pot, the holes have pretty large openings, and you can end up with a lot of "floaters" in your pot.
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