Pomegranate flavor tea

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Pomegranate flavor tea

Postby phyllo » Sep 10th, '10, 22:49

First, my flavored tea story... Once I had some tea that was flavored like pomegranate. The tea was sold under the Pompadour brand which is now called Teekanne. The tea box had pictures of flowers and pomegranates and maybe other fruits against a yellow background. I've found a similar tea from Teekanne but it is not the same as the old one.

So are the pomegranate flavored teas at Adagio or elsewhere good? I'm looking for something that tastes strong like the fruit.

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Re: Pomegranate flavor tea

Postby tortoise » Sep 28th, '10, 17:56

You've probably given up on this thread by now. I can't answer your question, but you may look under the reviews that are listed with each tea on Adagio's site for more information from people who have had the tea. I think most of the activity on this forum is not related to adagio tea, though they obviously own the site.

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