Recommend tea for Iced Tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Mar 8th, '14, 09:12
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Recommend tea for Iced Tea

by Alucard » Mar 8th, '14, 09:12


I read higher grown ceylon works well for Iced Tea. I've never looked into this tea before so not exactly sure where or what to get. How do I distinguish a higher grown tea from one that is not if elevation is not provided? Can you recommend a tea and vendor?

Thanks! :)
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Mar 8th, '14, 09:45
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Re: Recommend tea for Iced Tea

by Chip » Mar 8th, '14, 09:45

I used Adagio Ceylon with good results.

I have in the past used Upton as well. I will sometimes blend Nepal, Darjeeling and similar with Ceylon for a more gourmet iced tea.

You can always ask a vendor if it is high or low grown.

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