Halloween/Fall specials

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Sep 28th, '05, 10:09
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Tea Flavor

by Lana Y » Sep 28th, '05, 10:09

I find myself liking more spice also...Berg
Chis suggested I add orange zezt (my favorite flavor)
and I love it...I guess it is best to go less than more
on the flavor scale when flavoring tea...nothing worse
that an over flavored tea.

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Sep 29th, '05, 14:49
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by robert » Sep 29th, '05, 14:49

I really like the holiday sampler. All the flavors are good, just glad there wasn't "candy cane" in there (blech to minty teas!) Gingerbread is great!

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Oct 21st, '05, 15:09
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by teaspoon » Oct 21st, '05, 15:09

Mmm... I for one am enjoying the Pumpkin Spice. Right now, as a matter of fact. I was drinking it during my Latin test because it's a BYOT sort of day.

I'm a big fan of the Chestnut flavor, too. Haven't tried any of the others yet, but my mom has, and her faves are the gingerbread and the candy cane. I'm stoked :D

~happy teaspoon

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Oct 21st, '05, 15:15
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by LavenderPekoe » Oct 21st, '05, 15:15

Definately a fan of the chestnut and candy cane.

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Oct 22nd, '05, 02:07
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by PeteVu » Oct 22nd, '05, 02:07

personally, i cant imagine enjoying candy cane tea...

Dec 1st, '05, 15:30

by Teatime » Dec 1st, '05, 15:30

Thank you for sharing, Lady Arden!


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