Looking for a peach tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Jan 30th 06 1:05 am

benedetto peach tea

by military too » Jan 30th 06 1:05 am

Try ordering thru the commissary... also, some Italian deli's actually carry it.

Feb 5th 06 4:26 am

Re: Looking for a peach tea

by Guest » Feb 5th 06 4:26 am

teachat wrote:I just got back from Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom. And there was this bottled peach flavored iced tea that they had at the PX. I can't exactly remember the name but i think its "San Berniditto" its something like that. It comes in a one liter bottle and the only flavors i've seen is lemon and Peach. On the label i think it has an Italian flag on it and a picture of the sun over a grass field i think. I've been trying to find this tea forever since i've gotten back. If anyone knows what its call or where i can find it. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Spc Lloyd
Yes, I found it at www.gourmet-village.com or dot net. I ordered it twice since I have been back this second time from Iraq, Jan 06. It is pricey but worth it. 1SG Jones............

Feb 13th 06 6:35 pm

Peach Tea

by Raleigh Tea Drinker » Feb 13th 06 6:35 pm

I have purchased the San Benedetto Peach Tea at gourmet and health food stores such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and local delis. I would also check out Italian Deli's. Conti's Italian Market in Raleigh sells this tea at a very reasonable price.

I believe as the demand is growing, more local markets are stocking it.

Mar 11th 06 3:53 am
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by mariesi » Mar 11th 06 3:53 am

I too have fallen in love with the PEACH flavor of this wonderful ice tea, on Staten Island, I am contacting CIBO, also, to ask for a case or two, a few small places in NYC sel this tea brand, but I am making efforts to get it into the million delis that surround me on SI, Keep peachy! :D

Jul 31st 07 7:44 pm
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by jkorby » Jul 31st 07 7:44 pm

I just got back from Italy with the Air Force and fell in love with this tea too! anyway looked around and this is the best i have come up with this... http://store.drsoda.com/san-benedetto-p ... e-tea.html

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Aug 1st 07 3:40 am
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by Eastree » Aug 1st 07 3:40 am

(edited removed ... i should have looked at the link above before i posted xD) I used to drink it all the time. That and the Rauch brand teas. That is except the Rauch (probably spelled wrong xD) "Green Tea" since I'm somehow allergic to it (though the Rauch brand teas have a very long ingredient list I later found out)

Oct 11th 07 12:15 pm
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I sell the peach tea

by chari20 » Oct 11th 07 12:15 pm

I work for an Importer/Distributor of the San Benedetto Tea you are looking for. We have lemon, peach and green tea. Also the water. I am in Orlando,FL. If you still want it let me know. I am new here so I hope I am allowed to say that.

Oct 24th 07 6:39 pm
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by cupoftea » Oct 24th 07 6:39 pm

I have found the San Benedetto peach ice tea at http://moltobuono.com/index.html

Apr 4th 10 10:51 pm
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Re: Looking for a peach tea

by dkubis » Apr 4th 10 10:51 pm

You can get it at the commissary or bx. The commissary has a contract for it so if it's not there just go to customer service and they can order a case for you. You can also get it from Dr. Soda.


Sep 30th 10 5:02 am
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Re: Looking for a peach tea

by blackie1990 » Sep 30th 10 5:02 am

Does anyone know how to make peach leaf tea and also what are the health benifits is it good for blood sugar levels
thankyou :D