Recommendations for Andao Tea?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jul 17th, '08, 21:18
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by bi lew chun » Jul 17th, '08, 21:18

I'd be interested to know what's good as well. I only ordered wares.

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Jul 19th, '08, 19:46
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by Victoria » Jul 19th, '08, 19:46

Great, thanks! Let us know!

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Jul 19th, '08, 20:14
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by Salsero » Jul 19th, '08, 20:14

We're counting on you to report back!

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Jul 30th, '08, 17:20
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by edkrueger » Jul 30th, '08, 17:20

Andao Tea Reviews:
Big Red Robe: This is a great oolong for the price and the best Reg Robe i've had. Its smooth with a little smokiness and some light sweetness. Good Gan. Great Qi! (90/100)

Buddah's Eyebrow: A little smoky. Tastes a lot like a good Indian green, but better, mellower with some sweetness. Some buttery mouth feel.(85/100)

Premium Jade Sword: Perfectly groomed, only buds. Very light tasting with a full buttery mouth feel. Nice medium sweetness. (90/100)

Melon Seed: Taste like tea with some slight nutty [maybe seedy?] taste. (85/90)

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Jul 31st, '08, 12:49
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by edkrueger » Jul 31st, '08, 12:49

Its pricey, but you can get many red robes that aren't nearly as good for 9-10 dollars an ounce.

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Aug 3rd, '08, 16:49
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by ABx » Aug 3rd, '08, 16:49

You might try more leaf with the Lu An Gua Pian. While it's not a real strong tea, I generally find it more flavorful than many of the others.

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