FRIDAY!!! Teaday, 3/28/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Tenuki wants to know, who loves, likes, doesn't like...GREEN TEA?

I love green tea, it is my favorite tea, and I drink it without ceasing
I really like green tea, drinking it virtually everyday
I like green tea and have it most days
I have green tea occasionally
I have tried green tea, just not my cuppa tea
I have not tried green tea, but it is on my short list of tea to try
I have not tried green tea, haven't really thought about it
No votes
I have no desire to try those grass clippings brewed ; )
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Mar 28th, '08, 19:27
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by kikkuman » Mar 28th, '08, 19:27

Green tea is definitely my fav tea. I absolutely luv sencha and dragonwell. I've enjoyed most types of green teas I've encountered, even kukicha, which I don't consider green tea, it's more like straw water. Only green tea I didn't like was genmaicha and a sencha that tasted way too fishy, made me dizzy (maybe it was too old?).

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Mar 28th, '08, 20:48
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by Chip » Mar 28th, '08, 20:48

Finished 3 different green Taiwan oolongs...mixed them together. I still have a few steeps of that for later.

Sakura sencha, even if I am not a flavored TeaMan, there is something about this that just sings Spring to me.

Having a gyo/sencha karigane...not bad...but not my fav twig tea either...

I have so many soggy leaves for tonight, I will not be short of tea tonight. And a 4 tea day!

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Mar 28th, '08, 21:13
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by scruffmcgruff » Mar 28th, '08, 21:13

When I like sencha, I really like it, and will drink pretty much only sencha-- for the rest of the year though, I barely touch it. Weird, I know.

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Mar 28th, '08, 21:30
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by witches brew » Mar 28th, '08, 21:30

Green teas are the only teas that lure me out of my comfort zone of tisanes. I love the fresh and delicate taste.

This morning's tea was lemongrass. This evening, in honor of the poll and some additions to my teaware, it's sencha decaf.

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Mar 28th, '08, 21:33
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 28th, '08, 21:33

I like when these polls make my tea choices for the rest of the day easier. I am currently working on the remaining steeps of Fuka-Midori Sencha. After the first steep, I switched to some Casablanca Twist in travel mug to tide me through grocery shopping but now I get to enjoy the remaining steeps while finally being able to relax.

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Mar 29th, '08, 00:17
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by skywarrior » Mar 29th, '08, 00:17

Green tea, green tea. Oh yeah, the unoxidized tea :wink:

I like greens occasionally. I'm even a big fan of genmaicha. But honestly, I love blacks and oolongs more. I mean, I've been known to like dragonwell and even sencha, but I just like black tea.

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Mar 29th, '08, 01:13
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by Space Samurai » Mar 29th, '08, 01:13

Green tea is at the top of my list. Love it love it love it.

Tonight I'm drinking some roasted TGY and some houji genmaicha, so my skin will shine :roll: , and hopefully I'll move on to some fukamushicha.

Mar 29th, '08, 02:09
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by Chinese tea » Mar 29th, '08, 02:09

green tea is great. light frangrance will refresh and unwind your whole body. Isnt it a good idea to drink a cup of this year harvest green tea after your short afternnon nap? It is awesome. Today I am drinking this year's Mengding green tea from Yaan city, Sichuan province. I have already shot some pictures of the dry leaves, tea water, and wet leaves after several times' infusion. I dont know how to upload the picture on it.

The dry leaves is tight and straight and even, with green jade color, just like a slender girl displaying herself on stage or a sleeping beauty waiting for somebody comes and wave her up. tea water is very sweet, fresh and high clean aroma. After sipping it, the aftertaste can linger around your thoat for a sustained period, and the sweetness comes out slowly and slowly, which both is a sign of good Chinese tea.

The wet leaves after infusion is bloom and bright.

woo, a good tea from Mengding. In Mending mountain, there are several famous green tea from there, and it is used to be a tribute tea place in the past. It is worthy visiting.

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Mar 29th, '08, 03:04
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by Salsero » Mar 29th, '08, 03:04

Chinese tea wrote:Today I am drinking this year's Mengding green tea from Yaan city, Sichuan province ... I dont know how to upload the picture on it ... In Mending mountain, there are several famous green tea from there
If you can access or you can upload photos to one of those sites and then link them to your post here.

I am looking forward to opening my 2008 Meng Ding Gan Lu tomorrow. Is that what you are drinking or are you drinking a different tea from the same general area (Mt. Menghan in Sichuan?)?

Mar 29th, '08, 23:00
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by Chinese tea » Mar 29th, '08, 23:00

hi sal, thanks for your recommendation. I will try later.

YES, Mt Mengding is in Sichuang. I am drinking another different green tea from Sichuan. It is called Mengding Cui Zhui(literally Mengding Crispy Bamboo). Mengding Gan Lu is a famous green tea in China. In China, each tea has different grade whose wholesale and retail prices, of couse, they are different.

Can I know where you buy this 2008 Mengding Gan Lu? China or US? Because I was wondering if you buy this year harvest Mengding Gan Lu from US, it will be a little weird, cos this harvest is on the market in China in mid March. No offence. :o If it is possible, can you upload its dry leaves picture, and tea water for us to enjoy? Thx :lol:

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Mar 29th, '08, 23:27
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by Salsero » Mar 29th, '08, 23:27

Funny you should ask for photos. I just uploaded three pictures of this tea today to Wikicha. I did not think to take a photo of the tea liquor. Sorry. You can see my photos at ... eet_Dew%29

You are right that such fresh teas are not available within the US. Thank God for the internet! I purchased the tea over the internet from one of several companies in China that caters to Americans and Europeans. I think they ship out of Hong Kong: You will probably laugh when you see the prices we pay!

Yes, the reason I ordered it was because it was one of their first teas of the 2008 season.

I will keep my eyes open for the Mengding Cui Zhui, but I don't remember seeing it before. You have many, many more kinds of teas available in China than what we see here. It gets very confusing for us, as you may imagine.