Friday TeaDay 8/15/08 Coffee vs. Tea

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

How much coffee in relation to tea do you consume currently?

100% tea. You are perfect!
90% tea/10% coffee. Almost perfect!
80% tea/20% coffee. You are nearing perfection!
70% tea/30% coffee. You are on the right forum, congrats!
60% tea/40% coffee. Come on, give up the bean!
50% tea/50% coffee. You want to be saved, right?
40% tea/60% coffee. You can be saved!
No votes
30% tea/70% coffee. You are beyond hope!
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20% tea/80% coffee. You just like to hang around Tea people?
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10% tea/90% coffee. You know this is TeaChat, right?
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0% tea/100% coffee. Why are you even reading this?
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Total votes: 56

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Aug 15th, '08, 10:04
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by auggy » Aug 15th, '08, 10:04

100% tea here. Actually, more like 99.5%. I might have a cup of coffee every 6 months. The caffeine hits me hard - makes my hands shake and it can make me queasy. It sometimes gives me heart burn, too. :( All in all, I like coffee but it does not like me.

Heirloom tea flowers for me this morning, left from last night. This steep tasted very milky. Yum.

Happy Friday all.

Aug 15th, '08, 10:24
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by laran7 » Aug 15th, '08, 10:24

henley wrote:
laran7 wrote: I've looked for tea that would be a substitute - but can't seem to find one to stick with. Something strong with taste and caffeine.
Have you tried Adagio's Golden Monkey? Don't know how it compares to coffee but the flavor is very rich.

Thank you Henley -I'm compiling a list for my "next order". Stores and "boutiques" in this area are very comercial - probably thats more true than not for other people too.What is available is standard - unnamed sources, boxes and bags -
I see the wisdom of sample size.

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Aug 15th, '08, 10:31
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by Carnelian » Aug 15th, '08, 10:31

Zero coffee, always tea. Haven't had much tea time lately, I must change that

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Aug 15th, '08, 10:33
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by witches brew » Aug 15th, '08, 10:33

I've been 100% tea and 0% coffee since January. I became really bored of coffee and that was that. When I drank coffee, it was mild, mellow and mostly decaf.

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Aug 15th, '08, 10:43
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by bronzebed » Aug 15th, '08, 10:43

no coffee at all. i never could get past the taste of it and if i ever consumed that much caffeine in one sitting, i would literally be bouncing off of walls.

no tea yet, i'm going to a tea house today to celebrate my mother's birthday.

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Aug 15th, '08, 11:54
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by chamekke » Aug 15th, '08, 11:54

I sometimes start the morning with coffee. But it's tea, tea, tea for the rest of the day.

However, if I'm going out on break with coworkers, I almost always order coffee (because the "tea" served in coffee shops is usually not worth the effort).

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Aug 15th, '08, 12:00
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by olivierco » Aug 15th, '08, 12:00

Darjeeling Risheehat SFTGFOP1 right now.

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Aug 15th, '08, 12:01
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by geeber1 » Aug 15th, '08, 12:01

It's 100% tea for me!

I love the smell of brewing coffee, but have never been able to make myself like the taste. Plus, coffee breath is usually an incentive NOT to drink coffee!

Iced Ginger Peach here at work. I got a really cool Sigg bottle (does that count as teaware if I use it to bring tea to work?) and now need an equally cool cup or mug to match.

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Aug 15th, '08, 12:13
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by Geekgirl » Aug 15th, '08, 12:13

henley wrote:
augie wrote:Oh, no, it's 6:10 a.m. and no Salsero. Hope you're OK pictureman.
It's almost 9:00am & still no picture from Sal... Very unusual.
:shock: Past noon where he is. Yes this is a bit concerning.

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Aug 15th, '08, 12:43
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by xine » Aug 15th, '08, 12:43

sorry, i'm 40% coffee, 60% tea...most often, I will drink coffee when I'm travelling, or in a run, because I don't have the patience to make a cup of tea, or cannot locate any good tea (unlike many of you, I do not travel with my leaves). Sometimes a creamy cup of coffee (cream and sugar) satisfies a sweet craving, that tea sometimes cannot.

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Aug 15th, '08, 13:07
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by Chip » Aug 15th, '08, 13:07

100% tea, well more 0% coffee. I have maybe drunk a combined total of one cup in my life. I just don't enjoy the taste. I love the aroma of roasted coffee beans. But add hot water, bleh!

Adagio Golden Monkey started the day. About to go Japanese.

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Aug 15th, '08, 13:13
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by Victoria » Aug 15th, '08, 13:13

I am almost perfect - with less then 10% coffee. I still do enjoy it ocassionally.
My coffee preference? I only like it in the mornings - I take it with extra cream no sugar. My preference - Usually Don Francisco or any Kona.

But my real morning favorite seems to be Yunnan Gold.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Aug 15th, '08, 13:28
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by Space Samurai » Aug 15th, '08, 13:28

It averages to about 50-50 for me.

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Aug 15th, '08, 13:37
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by doyoulovedee » Aug 15th, '08, 13:37

i could never get used to the taste of coffee, so if i need a caffeine there's rockstar for me.

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Aug 15th, '08, 13:42
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by omegapd » Aug 15th, '08, 13:42

GeekgirlUnveiled wrote:
:shock: Past noon where he is. Yes this is a bit concerning.
I got an email from him awhile ago, so he's still kicking. Must be busy at work.