Wednesday TeaDay 9/03/08 Crave Factor for oolong

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

A new TeaDay, a new "CRAVE FACTOR." This time it is OOLONG, what is your personal crave factor for oolong?

10 I cannot resist the oolongs
9 I realllly realllly crave 'em, even the night before
8 I realllly crave 'em
7 I certainly crave them
6 Yep, cravin' oolongs
5 Maybe, though crave might be too strong a word
4 I like them, maybe, but not craving them
3 No, I do not crave them
2 Don't really like them
No votes
1 Hate them
No votes
Total votes: 55

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Sep 3rd, '08, 00:00
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Wednesday TeaDay 9/03/08 Crave Factor for oolong

by Chip » Sep 3rd, '08, 00:00

Welcome everyone to TeaDay! I hope we can all share what is in our cups today, all day! Shall we brew?

Yesterday, the "Crave Factor" was introduced. We took a look at our crave factor for Black tea. The results were across the entire spectrum, except nobody voted for 1, "I hate them." 45% of responders indicated they crave Blacks.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic, we again examine our Crave Factors, this time, how much do you, or don't you, crave oolongs? Please share your personal "crave factor."

I am craving to share TeaDay with everyone today, bottoms up!

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Sep 3rd, '08, 00:13
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by Wosret » Sep 3rd, '08, 00:13

I honestly can't remember ever having tried an oolong ... I might have at a "world of tea" tasting?

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Sep 3rd, '08, 00:15
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by edkrueger » Sep 3rd, '08, 00:15

Then you can't vote. :twisted:

I like these crave polls. We could add up all of the votes and see which tea wins.

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Sep 3rd, '08, 00:34
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Mystery Xiaguan Tuocha

by Salsero » Sep 3rd, '08, 00:34

Jade Cicada of BBB’s Puerh Live Journal forum found a mystery puerh tuocha which Brandon immediately recognized. In the ensuing contingencies, she unwittingly tasted her first sheng – an aged sheng at that – and was moved to share a substantial portion of her boon with fellow puerh-philes, whose observations are being gathered HERE. Thanks, Jade Cicada, aka eanglin in TeaChat.


Pictured here is the third infusion. The next few infusions were much darker, but equally clear and bright.

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Sep 3rd, '08, 01:23
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by olivierco » Sep 3rd, '08, 01:23

"5 Maybe, though crave might be too strong a word".
I appreciate oolongs but oolong isn't the first tea that comes on my mind when I want to drink tea.

Keemun with my breakfast.

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Sep 3rd, '08, 01:29
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by chamekke » Sep 3rd, '08, 01:29

"7 - Certainly crave them"

Actually, the oolongs are making inroads on my affections at the moment. Look out, greens!

In my (Salsero-given, pine-needle-decorated) cup at the moment... appropriately enough, some TKY.

Sep 3rd, '08, 02:09
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by Pentox » Sep 3rd, '08, 02:09

I don't really have much of an oolong drive at all.

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Sep 3rd, '08, 02:15
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by kymidwife » Sep 3rd, '08, 02:15

Oolongs got a firm 9 out of 10 for me... almost had to go for a 10... except I do still often crave blacks, and occasionally greens. But overall, for the last 2 to 3 months, I've consistently craved greenish oolongs every single day, usually in a very big way.

In my cup this late night was the Jade TKY "Tenuki's Roast" sent graciously by Henley in a tea trade. First 3 infusions were most delicious, each very different from the last. Now I must try roasting my own.

Oolongs are so complex, exist in so many variant states, and new ones can be so unexpectedly different... I just grow more intrigued as I try more, and don't see myself falling out of love with them anytime soon. I may have to take a few vacation days when the oolong box gets to me!

Off to bed... sweet dreams to all.


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Sep 3rd, '08, 02:33
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by omegapd » Sep 3rd, '08, 02:33

Nope, don't crave them much at all. The green ones taste just like green tea to me and the roasted ones have that woody taste I just don't like. Of course, this is just a generalization and I hadn't tried them all, but I just didn't like very many of the ones I have tried...

That just leaves more for Victoria. :wink:


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Sep 3rd, '08, 04:05
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by Beidao » Sep 3rd, '08, 04:05

OF COURSE. How could I not crave oolong?? And then I haven't even tried a Wuyi :shock: (except for Dan Cong which I'm really in love with)

I voted 10

Drinking Dong Ding at the moment. Was to distracted when making the first brewings, sort of damaged it all. And this was my last DD :cry:

Sep 3rd, '08, 06:12
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by soapy » Sep 3rd, '08, 06:12

of course I have to have my oolongs..... :)

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Sep 3rd, '08, 06:39
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by augie » Sep 3rd, '08, 06:39

I think I voted 8. Oolong rocks!

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Sep 3rd, '08, 07:19
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by Sydney » Sep 3rd, '08, 07:19

If there were an 'other' I'd check it, as I occasionally crave *some* oolongs.

The siren song of rock tea calls to me some times.

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Sep 3rd, '08, 08:14
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by CynTEAa » Sep 3rd, '08, 08:14

Ranked them up there with black tea at 8. I do love them!

Yesterday's TeaDay ended with a beautiful wenshan baozhong. Hypnotic tea, I must say.

Happy TeaDay, everyone!

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Sep 3rd, '08, 08:25
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by Cinnamon » Sep 3rd, '08, 08:25

I voted 7. I might have gone higher, but as I said yesterday in the blacks poll, I do have other favorites I can't do without.

I first discoverd oolong about a year ago and fell in love. Since then. I always keep some on hand. I might not have a cup every day, but it is rare that 2 days go by without my having some; and even then, I am generally thinking about when I might make a cup.

More than any others, this is the one that I prefer to have at home, rather than at work, so I can sit and savor the goodness of it.