Happy 11th Chip ... and The Tea Journey began...

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Apr 28th, '17, 07:39
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Re: Happy 11th Chip ... and The Tea Journey began...

by William » Apr 28th, '17, 07:39

chrl42 wrote:
He's Teachat's alter ego :mrgreen:
He definitely is! :lol:

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May 2nd, '17, 13:24
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Re: Happy 11th Chip ... and The Tea Journey began...

by mosshorn » May 2nd, '17, 13:24

Happy anniversary Chip!

May 3rd, '17, 19:08
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Re: Happy 11th Chip ... and The Tea Journey began...

by beforewisdom » May 3rd, '17, 19:08

I always look forward to reading your posts when I drop by.

Happy Anniversary Chip!

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May 4th, '17, 11:53
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Re: Happy 11th Chip ... and The Tea Journey began...

by debunix » May 4th, '17, 11:53

Late to the reply parade.....but still drinking lots of tea, and currently enjoying some Den's organic sencha from my Split Fire Scalloped Yunomi by Bill Perrine, from a TeaChat special offer. I owe the Yunomi to TeaChat, obviously, but less obviously, the sencha I am drinking from it: it was posts here that kept me going past my early not-very-good experiences with green teas in general, finally figuring them out so I could enjoy them, and Chip being one of the prime senchaholics did a lot to inspire that process. I'm brewing it up in a kyusu from Artistic Nippon, a seller I discovered here on TeaChat (again, Chip seemed to have many lovely things from that shop that prompted that first fateful visit). And the tea tray from Mirka Randova is from a pottery studio that I discovered via a TeaChat special offer. I could go on....to the cups I shared with a visitor (a job applicant) at work two days ago, from a vendor & potter I was introduced to on TeaChat.....hope she takes the job, we really need the help!

Anyway, thank you, Chip, for you part in making this such a welcoming place, and an important part of my tea journey! A toast-with-sencha to 11 years here, and many more moments of tea happiness online and off!

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