What's your choice?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Jun 18th, '17, 22:26
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What's your choice?

by janet11 » Jun 18th, '17, 22:26

Someone said it’s a good choice for summer, I don’t know it’s right or not.
Do you know more about white tea?
Rare people enjoy white tea in my opinion,what about your opinion?

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Jun 18th, '17, 22:44
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Re: What's your choice?

by chrl42 » Jun 18th, '17, 22:44

White tea is renowned for 1) reducing body heat and 2) neutralizing poison,

it's sometimes used for medicinal purpose (TCM)

it could be due to the specific plant (Fujian breed) grown or way of manufacturing..that I'm no sure...the plant itself is called Big-White-Tip type...relatively larger leaf type compared to other camelia sinensis, pretty superior to grow..less pest by insects..a cup of tea itself can be wonderful as well. Nowdays many other green tea manufacturers also use this type as well (like Mengding Ganlu, Jingting Lvxue ect)

Because it's one of those teas that rarely disappoint, price of white tea also skyrocket year by year..meaning they are enlarging their farms..which would untimately cause the fall of quality.. :P

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