Where do you live?

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Nov 4th, '14, 07:33
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Re: Where do you live?

by sherubtse » Nov 4th, '14, 07:33

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its nickname is "Hogtown" due to the numerous slaughter-houses we used to have here at one time.

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Nov 5th, '14, 09:39
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Re: Where do you live?

by MEversbergII » Nov 5th, '14, 09:39

Lexington Park, St. Mary's County, Maryland.


Nov 16th, '14, 05:12
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Re: Where do you live?

by Mary » Nov 16th, '14, 05:12

Staying in London for a few more weeks, and then I'll go home, to Plymouth :)

Nov 17th, '14, 00:22
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Re: Where do you live?

by steanze » Nov 17th, '14, 00:22

Trentino, Italy, and Cambridge, MA...

Nov 17th, '14, 03:02
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Re: Where do you live?

by ole » Nov 17th, '14, 03:02

Norway is one of the largest coffee consumers pr. capita in the world.
Not so much for tea sadly.

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Nov 17th, '14, 12:46
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Re: Where do you live?

by chrisjm » Nov 17th, '14, 12:46

Currently residing in Brunswick, Georgia. Moving to Cincinnati, Ohio in January.

Nov 30th, '14, 14:47
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Re: Where do you live?

by Jackie » Nov 30th, '14, 14:47

is anybody from here :?:

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Nov 30th, '14, 18:38
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Re: Where do you live?

by wyardley » Nov 30th, '14, 18:38

Jackie wrote:Georgia,Macon.
is anybody from here :?:
While it's not right near you, you should definitely get in touch with bearsbearsbears about his Southeast meetups.
http://puerh.blogspot.com/2013/04/april ... ffair.html

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Dec 1st, '14, 01:34
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Re: Where do you live?

by chamekke » Dec 1st, '14, 01:34

British Columbia... or as I like to call it, Canada's Pacific Southwest :wink:

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