Oct 7th, '17, 18:44
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Re: Official what GREEN are you currently drinking?

by Teaarch » Oct 7th, '17, 18:44

Just had my first bit of the Tama-no-hikari kabuse-cha from Horaido. It's still 100% 2016 tea (which I prefer; his teas are best around a year or so after they're released I find, due to the way he ages them). I haven't ever had this one before, so I can't comment on previous years, but it's a really good uji-cha, one of the best I've had in the price range (1200 yen). Not too gyokuro like either; it tends more towards a sencha flavor which I prefer. A little standard tasting else wise but I can't complain.

I've also had many of his matchas recently: Miyako-no-mukashi, Miyako-no-shiro HG, and the Hatsumukashi. All very tasty, and the miyako might even better as koicha than the miyako-no-mukashi (the more expensive one).

Another great thing about Horaido right now is the shipping: he offers cheap DHL (usually around 15000 yen for the teas I've described whereas EMS is like 2500 for me), which gets to where I'm at in a little over 30 hours after Yasumori-san ships it. Never received tea from Japan as fast as that. Edit: I should mention I'm in the U.S., and the fastest I've ever received tea via ems was just over 3 days. Also forgot to mention the dhl was about 2100 yen.

Oct 18th, '17, 23:48
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Re: Official what GREEN are you currently drinking?

by devites » Oct 18th, '17, 23:48

Chiran Shincha from O-cha! This tea is great!

Oct 19th, '17, 11:05
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Re: Official what GREEN are you currently drinking?

by leefetea » Oct 19th, '17, 11:05

I am drinking Japanese Sencha which I personally think is some of the best green tea out there. They are fresh and definitely healthy. While green tea sounds general, they taste quite differently from region to region and producer to producer so it is good explore the taste you like. Interestingly, they taste somewhat saltish and sweet while the light bitterness adds another dimension to the tea.

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Oct 22nd, '17, 13:16
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Re: Official what GREEN are you currently drinking?

by ljfnord » Oct 22nd, '17, 13:16

Do jasmine pearls count? (Sorry, but I'm still new to all this.)

According to my invoice, I'm drinking "Superfine Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea."

According to the website, it's from Fuding City, Fujian Province, China, harvested on May 25, 2017, from the Fuding Dahao tea bush in the Wenyang Tea Garden.

According to my tongue, I overbrewed it. Going back for a shorter steep.

EDIT: I did overbrew it. A shorter steep resulted in an excellent cup of tea.

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