translation for an old kakejiku

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Jan 8th, '14, 03:52
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Re: translation for an old kakejiku

by Fireflower » Jan 8th, '14, 03:52

dear firends, i got a reply from urasenke tea school (they have been really kind as you), i think that is very authoritative because they know about tea and calligraphy.
the meaning should be 対 (against) and 嵐 (storm)
so, against the storm (against the adversity)
what do you think?

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Jan 8th, '14, 16:57
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Re: translation for an old kakejiku

by chingwa » Jan 8th, '14, 16:57

I'm doubtful.

I think the reading for the first character as "気" (ki) = "spirit" as put forth earlier inthis thread is probably right on, especially considering the non-simplified character. But I am no expert, and I have no idea what the second character would be.

Jan 8th, '14, 19:28
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Re: translation for an old kakejiku

by thirst » Jan 8th, '14, 19:28

Drax wrote: From what I've read, the Chinese have simplified more characters than the Japanese have (but then again, the Chinese language has many more characters than Japanese's common set of ~1900 characters).
The PRC minus Hong Kong and Macau uses simplified Chinese characters, as does Singapore. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan use traditional Chinese characters.

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