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Jan 19th 06 2:19 pm
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Best Infuser?

by Valerie » Jan 19th 06 2:19 pm

Ok, I'm really the only one in the house who drinks tea. My friend Kate comes over and we drink GALLONS of Adagio tea...I guess if tea is ever discovered to be unhealthy....we are the perfect lab rats! :lol: Well we have been using paper infuer bags...which is nice when I have lots o people over..but I'm looking for a better way to infuse tea. Normally it'll be just a cup at a time, but sometimes 2... I've heard the mesh tea balls let the roobios tea leak threw...the Inginuity is a little pricy, but I'll spend the $ if it is truely worth it. I've seen the metal balls with the pin holes....I just don't know!

So what should I do?!