Assam Melody vs Assam Harmony

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Nov 8th, '06, 11:48
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Assam Melody vs Assam Harmony

by jogrebe » Nov 8th, '06, 11:48

How much of a difference is there between Assam Melody and Assam Harmony that Adagio sells beyond the Melody being close to double the price? It seems as if there is not that big of a difference if the Melody is rated 4.3 and the Harmony 4.4. For those of you that have tried both would you say that the difference is noticeable enough to pay close to double for Assam Harmony over just buying Assam Melody?

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Dec 27th, '06, 19:16
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by expatCanuck » Dec 27th, '06, 19:16

LadyArden wrote:Well, Assam tea is actually my favorite tea. ...
Interesting. I've recently been (re)discovering tea. Assam Harmony and Keemun Encore are the only black teas I dislike from the dozen or more samples I've ordered. (I've not tried Assam Melody.)

Yes, I've played with the steeping. Great colour, lovely sweet aroma, but kind of bland taste and a peppery, astringent aftertaste that I find unpleasant.

Go figure ... ;7) .

Dec 30th, '06, 17:59
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by kissmyhuman » Dec 30th, '06, 17:59

Why not mix the two and call it Assam Symphony! Sorry.... I couldn't resist.

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