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Nov 30th, '06, 16:49
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by JamieMT » Nov 30th, '06, 16:49

Congrats on the new tea order! I'm currently waiting on an order myself, and the new TriniTEA, which should be shipping out tomorrow. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself, to be honest.

I'm sampling the pu-erhs poe & dante (I've recently discovered pu-erh tea...yummy!), plain rooibus, and am getting 4 oz. of the Chestnut tea, which surprisingly is my new favorite flavored tea for the season (sipping it now!). I love the yunnan jig and yunnan gold - I'm not fond of many of Adagio's flavored teas (not "flavored" enough for me - it may just be that I don't like the base tea), but I do love the yunnan's and irish breakfast. I'm working my way through the holiday sampler though, and the gingerbread smells pretty good. The Chestnut truely is wonderful.

As for your'll just have to play around with delivery timing. With my husband, I simply time my "tea deliveries" for when he's going to be out of town if possible, or make sure that I get to the mail before he does when I'm expecting tea. That works pretty well. I go on a "tea binge" about once every 6 months or so, and buy tea from all my favorite companies around the same time, restocking my never-empty tea cupboard. :wink:

I also have gotten him into tea drinking, which makes him curious about what I've gotten, and whether he'll like any of it or not (he likes stout, full-bodied blacks, no flavors or "lighter" teas). So I make sure to order at least a sample of something he can try, which seems to please him and make him forget that I already have a cupboard full of tea to drink. :lol:

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Dec 17th, '06, 23:52
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by Jasmine Green » Dec 17th, '06, 23:52

Well, Teavana's Pu-Erh tastes like pu.

Dec 18th, '06, 00:15
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by karia » Dec 18th, '06, 00:15

its been a will since you guys posted the thread, what do you guys think about your teas have you tried them all?

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Dec 19th, '06, 12:46
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by JamieMT » Dec 19th, '06, 12:46

Looks like you've been busy with your samples, Lady Arden! How fun...thanks for posting brief reviews as well. I may have to order some samples of the mambo & Golden Monkey to try for myself.

I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't had a chance to try my puerh samples or the plain rooibus yet. I've been working my way through the holiday sampler (reviews are on my blog if anyone is interested, and I did post some in the appropriate Adagio site pages), as well as some teas from other companies (I have a real problem staying loyal to one company for tea...I love each company I order from for something different though, so it all works out).

I can say that one of the puerhs smells much better than the other, which has very little scent at all. Perhaps I'll bring the plain rooibos to work with me this afternoon to try.

I love, love, love the new triniTEA maker though...I've been using it for flavored blacks and recently a white tea, and all have turned out just lovely, and stayed nicely warm on the hot plate until I need a refill. Ingenious invention, really...though it did take a few tries before all the seals and such "settled" so I didn't get water everywhere. Works perfectly every time now though, so I'm not complaining. :-)

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Dec 19th, '06, 22:57
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by sjschen » Dec 19th, '06, 22:57

Jasmine Green wrote:Well, Teavana's Pu-Erh tastes like pu.
Good pu-erh does not taste like poo :)

Then again, from what I've heard, a lot of "plain" and unflavour teas from Teavana tastes like poo.

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