What's your favourite black tea?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Your favourite red?

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Ceylon black
Dian hong (all Yunnan varieties)
Lapsang souchong
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Other (please specify)
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Aug 20th, '10, 00:28
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What's your favourite black tea?

by bagua7 » Aug 20th, '10, 00:28

I just finished having a cup of Keemun and man it was really nice! The gan was "chocolatish" with a slight sweet tone, intense pine-like smell mixed with subtle smokish aroma.

I am impressed. Gan is still in my tongue and I can now feel a woody aftertaste with something else that I can't describe right nowI need to drink this tea more often to pick up all its subtleties, and certainly use a better brewing vessel. Very interesting tea.

Next, on my list is the acclaimed Pure Gold variety of Dian hong (Yunnan). Surely it will also surprise me.

The problem is how on earth I am going to afford all the teaware required for all these goodies, lol. I guess I will stick to mugs :oops: until I can afford more expensive gear. Anyway my tea mug with infuser is doing a decent job so far. :roll:

Would a thick type of Gaiwan done a better justice to the Keemun I just had?

Anyway, back to the topic. What are the most popular black teas amongst teachatters?

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Aug 20th, '10, 02:13
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by debunix » Aug 20th, '10, 02:13

I love Yunnan gold, and recently had some nice Taiwanese blacks, but have a bitter-phobia of essentially all other black teas, though admittedly my black tea experience has been quite limited.

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Aug 20th, '10, 04:14
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by bagua7 » Aug 20th, '10, 04:14

I can vouch for Keemun, if you can get hold of quality stuff. It's an awesome tea and you won't be disappointed. :)

I look forward to brewing the sample of Pure Gold Yunnan I got here sitting on my kitchen self. I only read good things about this red tea.

Aug 20th, '10, 04:45
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by Proinsias » Aug 20th, '10, 04:45

I voted keemun as that has long been my top red tea. I don't drink it very often but when I do I binge.

Last month I tried a little jin jun mei from Tim which almost instantly became the best red tea to have passed my lips, and up there with the best of any teas I've tried. Not quite an everyday tea though.

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Aug 20th, '10, 09:27
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by TwoPynts » Aug 20th, '10, 09:27

Yunnan Golden Curls is a favorite here at the office. It is smooth and mellow and has a lot going on in a subtle way, and it's mouth feel is extraordinary.

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Aug 20th, '10, 09:43
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by Chip » Aug 20th, '10, 09:43

Keemun, the real deal! Not the knock offs. The real ones from Qimen county can be so full of nuances. Yet bold.

Keemun often gets a black eye since more times than not Keemun is not from Qimen, the name is used to describe a style or even region, a pretty vague term (something like Dong Ding in Oolong). So, make sure your source knows its source with confidence!

Darjeeling is very good as well. But if I had to choose one, it would be Keemun.

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Aug 20th, '10, 11:41
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by Victoria » Aug 20th, '10, 11:41

Darjeeling for me. I start most mornings with it now. I've always liked it, but wow when I narrowed down the exact type, now it's a big LOVE.

After Darjeeling it's probably a Mao Feng.

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Aug 20th, '10, 12:27
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by laura99 » Aug 20th, '10, 12:27

Yunnan is the favorite here. I start off most every morning with a cup. My current favorite I just received this week - Jinggu Golden Strand Pure Bud.

Aug 20th, '10, 12:46
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by Mr. Usaji » Aug 20th, '10, 12:46

Dian hong. The Keemun I've tried tastes nasty--extremely "fruity" in a awful kind of way, maybe like that gross sugary dried fruit you find in trail mix, or just bland. But I'm sure I never tried a high-end one.

I used to be addicted to lapsang souchong, and last winter I drank it 2-3 times a day every day, for months. Eventually I got so sick of it that I don't think I'll touch it again for a long time. Maybe when the cold weather returns; it tastes better when there's snow.
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Aug 20th, '10, 13:05
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by entropyembrace » Aug 20th, '10, 13:05

My favourite is Keemun...I really like the dried fruit flavours of it :lol:

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Aug 20th, '10, 14:48
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by Katy1977 » Aug 20th, '10, 14:48

I chose Ceylon black because I like flavored black teas and I think that they are Ceylon most of the time. Please correct me if I'm wrong. :oops:


Aug 20th, '10, 15:00
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by NOESIS » Aug 20th, '10, 15:00

Easily Darjeeling for me. Both 1st and 2nd flush. Dian hong and Keemun would be a toss up for 2nd place.
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Aug 22nd, '10, 18:08
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by cyberhoofer » Aug 22nd, '10, 18:08

Darjeeling - just got some Arya Ruby, 2nd Flush 2010

http://www.facebook.com/darjeelingteas? ... 1059349670

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Aug 22nd, '10, 20:48
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by nickE » Aug 22nd, '10, 20:48

I voted for "Dian Hong" all varieties. I love the silky mouthfeel and malty flavors of these teas.

I'm a fan of Darjeeling & Assam as well, just don't drink 'em much.

Aug 22nd, '10, 21:05
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Re: What's your favourite black tea?

by shah82 » Aug 22nd, '10, 21:05

Right now, my favorite black tea is Hou De's Hao Xian black tea. My second favorite is Teaspring's Zhu Hai Jing Ming. My third favorite is Jutlibari Assam.

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