TeaTuesDay, not just another TeaDay, 2/12/08

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Oy...'fess up, how much do you estimate you will spend on TEA in 2008 (Tea only, no accesories)? Do the math!!!

Less than $100
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or more...
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Feb 12th, '08, 10:06
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by osadczuk » Feb 12th, '08, 10:06

My guess is roughly $20/month. But we'll see.

Now, my cross-stitching budget would terrify most people :)

As per most mornings - my first tea this morning was coffee. But then again "morning" was a rathe obscene hour with the baby. I think I will be moving on with some Golden Monkey, then pulling some old bags out of the cupboard to use them up.

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Feb 12th, '08, 10:07
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by cloudyday » Feb 12th, '08, 10:07

Gah, I try not to think about my tea expenses! I mean, that is, I know I spend more than I should so...you know. Well anyways, I'll make a conservative estimate and say the 200-299 range. I have a lot of tea I need to finish off this year, rather than buy more, so we'll see. Unless I make that pu-erh investment at Yunnan Sourcing that I was thinking about...that'll put me halfway (or more...or all the way....) to that total by itself. Maybe my "conservative estimate" is just denial....

Anyways, I'm trying the Guranse Estate Nepalese black tea from Silver Tips this morning. Surprisingly smooth for a black tea, and seems like a very slight vegetal aftertaste (though I'm still waking up and this may be confused senses). Good stuff though, and it was a decent price. It's got a bit of that taste that reminds me of Autumn (not an autumnal), if you can understand. Kinda like Makaibari's silver tips, but not that good.

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Feb 12th, '08, 10:17
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by tenuki » Feb 12th, '08, 10:17

easily over 1000, you had to make me do the math eh? :(

Ali Shan from Teahome again, working my way through 150g. :D Some people fantasize about rolling around in a bed of money, I dream of 150g bags of formosa gao shan oolong. Unfortunately the cost of fulfilling the two fantasies is roughly equivalent.
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Feb 12th, '08, 10:21
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 12th, '08, 10:21

I guessed between 100 and 200. But, I am not sure. I don't think I spent that much on tea last year because I went a bit nutty the year before and I am *still* trying to drink some of it up (I know, I know, that is not good; but at least it was almost all black so it hasn't all gone South yet). Once I get through some of this, though, watch out. ;)

Today's morning cup is that unknown Oolong I got in a trade. Second steep of it now.

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Feb 12th, '08, 11:04
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by fencerdenoctum » Feb 12th, '08, 11:04

I'm gonna say 300 as a safe bet. However I could be VERY wrong. I plan on branching out and trying some new things (more matcha, puerh) and its not gonna be cheap, but it shall be a delicious year.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Feb 12th, '08, 11:08
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by Selaphiel » Feb 12th, '08, 11:08

I voted 500-600$, but I have bad feeling that it will be more.

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Feb 12th, '08, 11:59
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by TimeforTea » Feb 12th, '08, 11:59

Well, I'm still a newbie here but I can see how I will have to quickly redo my budget to make sure there's a big enough slice of the pie to fit in my new tea passion. :P

Oh, and my cup this morning, was kukicha. It was nice, but as soon as I finished it I wanted a second cup because it was not satisfying. I did follow Chip's advice (thanks Chip!!) and used more leaves, but I do not think I used enough. I am seriously considering getting a scale. (Newbee2tea hopes Chip's next poll will not ask how much $ we spend on tea accessories...! :P )
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Feb 12th, '08, 12:08
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by augie » Feb 12th, '08, 12:08

osadczuk wrote:My guess is roughly $20/month. But we'll see.

Now, my cross-stitching budget would terrify most people :)
I hear you and I feel your pain. My fabric/quilting budget is probably close to your cross-stitch. I got a new machine last year and I love using it so much I have made 5 quilts (lap-size) since August. I guess there are worse and more $$$ hobies to adopt!

Yesterday was BAD tea day. I ran out of bottled water at the office. Used tap water :-P eeyuck! What a difference it made bringing my RO water from home to brew my houjicha this morning. My brain is in much better working order.

Tea, however expensive it seems, has replaced a very expensive soda habit for me. We went out to dinner last week and I had a Diet Coke and it was awful!

Feb 12th, '08, 12:49
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by Pentox » Feb 12th, '08, 12:49

Hm i'm guessing 5-600, but that's a real ballpark guess for me. Most of my tea expnses have been coming from accessories, and yes i'll take a picture of my vast horde of accessories soon.

On a related note, does anyone really wait for may to order their Japanese green or does the time of year really not matter that much for you?

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Feb 12th, '08, 13:41
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by bearsbearsbears » Feb 12th, '08, 13:41

i plan to spend at least $1600. will be making more of my own label of pu'er cakes, most likely in fall.

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Feb 12th, '08, 13:45
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by Wesli » Feb 12th, '08, 13:45

Woke up with some Earl Grey Supreme.

My estimate as a little high...

So I scaled it down to $1000-1299

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Feb 12th, '08, 13:49
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by Twyla » Feb 12th, '08, 13:49

I'm guessing 5-600, just because that's what I spent last year, not including teaware. (with teaware, it's too astronomical for me to think about without four or five more cups of tea in me)

It's better for me than soda, though, so I have no complaints. Besides, considering the amount of soda my husband and I drank, this is actually cheaper.

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Feb 12th, '08, 14:14
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by CynTEAa » Feb 12th, '08, 14:14

Started with my usual Yunnan Gold for breakfast and quickly went to my beloved baozhong - one steeping so far and now an on-the-spot blend of fruit teas.

I don't ever want to know how much my tea habit costs. ;)

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Feb 12th, '08, 14:48
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by Ladytiger » Feb 12th, '08, 14:48

Today I started with Rum tea and just had some iced Russian Caravan.
I've already spent about $30 on tea so far this year so I'm estimating between $100-$200 this year.

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Feb 12th, '08, 14:52
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by Salsero » Feb 12th, '08, 14:52

YEAH TEA! wrote:Zhu ye qing.

Must never run out of this tea again...ever.
The one from Dragon Tea House? BBB made a nice single sentence entry about it in wikiCHA but you may want to elaborate a bit -- maybe even post a pic.

I've been fully engaged with a Simao tea from Yunnan, seems to be called Hong Piao Xiang in Chinese.

I want to see Fencerdenoctum's new yixing pot and hear about at least one brew of tea with it and get his first impressions. MUST START THREAD MUST START THREAD MUST START THREAD

I made the ENORMOUS mistake of ordering the matcha starter set from Ippodo because I've been hanging out with the wrong people and they have exerted undue influence on my maleable young brain. I practically had to take out a subprime mortage to afford it. With a sifter and shipping from the Land of the Rising Sun it cost ¥6,500! Too bad we can't include our teaware expenditure in today's poll! I'd blow the lid off that thing!
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