SATURDAY!>>>TeaDay, 3/29/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

OK, we cannot forget about the "western tea"...Black Tea. This is the tea that started an interest in Tea for most of us. So, today's question is, where do you stand on black tea today?

I love black tea, it is clearly my fav and I have it several times a day
I start virtually every day with a black tea, so I guess I love it
I really like black tea having it most days
I like black tea, having it more days than not
I used to really like black tea, but I seem to have moved on to other teas
I tried black tea but do not care for it
No, believe it or not, I have not had black tea, I guess I should try it
No votes
Nope...and not in a rush to try it either
Total votes: 55

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Mar 29th, '08, 02:51
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SATURDAY!>>>TeaDay, 3/29/08

by Chip » Mar 29th, '08, 02:51

Finally, Saturday! I am hoping to have a lot of tea today. Going out with my parents tonight, I will bring a tea along, guaranteed.

Welcome everyone to TeaDay. Grab a cup, tell us what is in it, and see what everyone else is drinking. I don't know which is funner, bragging about my cup or being jealous about what is in everyone elses.

Remember, everyone is welcome to TeaDay, so even if you are new to tea or TeaChat, please feel free to join is a great way to get to know everyone and to get known!

Post throughout the day as your cup of tea changes...

SO, today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is all about Black Tea. I think we hit just about every tea but black (need to do tisanes tomorrow maybe). So, what are your thoughts on the tea that started it all in the western world. Many of us started with black tea, many of us are still digging the deep rich brew. So, share with everyone where you stand on black tea today!

I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone!

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Mar 29th, '08, 03:11
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by Space Samurai » Mar 29th, '08, 03:11

Shortly after I started drinking matcha and other Japanese teas, black tea became something I was drinking every day to a few times a month.

But if I do drink black tea, and I've said this before, its dian hong or gtfo.

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Mar 29th, '08, 03:30
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by omegapd » Mar 29th, '08, 03:30

Love it. Still my favorite of all the types of tea I've tried. It's easy not to mess up. :wink:


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Mar 29th, '08, 04:39
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by Terrasi » Mar 29th, '08, 04:39

I'm drinking black tea right now. It's not that I won't try new teas, I always try new teas. I just love black tea and always have. Sometimes earl gray isn't fun though, too much burgamont can ruin my day.

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Mar 29th, '08, 05:10
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by Trioxin » Mar 29th, '08, 05:10

I've a lot to try yet, but first flush Darjeeling's are still my favorite.

Currently drinking Namring FF Darjeeling

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Mar 29th, '08, 06:51
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by Selaphiel » Mar 29th, '08, 06:51

I started with black tea like most people, Darjeeling first flush teas from puttabong and phuguri to be exact. They are all high quality teas which I enjoy, but I find the green teas more exotic, so these days its mostly Japanese green teas, but I will try and get more into good green Chinese tea from the 2008 harvest as well.
I still enjoy a cup of black tea every now and then, but mostly Yunnan black teas.

Today I`m gonna start with Gyokuro Yume no ukihashi

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Mar 29th, '08, 07:18
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by olivierco » Mar 29th, '08, 07:18

Selaphiel wrote: Today I`m gonna start with Gyokuro Yume no ukihashi
Nice choice!

I start virtually every day with a black tea, so I guess I love it. No exception this morning Yunnan golden tips (Keemun is my other morning tea)
I also drink regularly drink Darjeelings.

Now some houjicha with my lunch and I guess matcha this afternoon.

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Mar 29th, '08, 08:26
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by augie » Mar 29th, '08, 08:26

I had a difficult time choosing. I do like black tea and continue to, however there is just so much more that I've lost track of black tea. Summertime means iced tea and I usually make that with black tea. Although, I have discovered iced green with lime juice laetly.

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Mar 29th, '08, 08:46
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tea day

by Ron Gilmour » Mar 29th, '08, 08:46

I love black tea and drink quite a bit of it every day, especially Darjeeling. One of the things I like about black tea is there are some really good inexpensive ones. Yes, I pay a bit for my beloved Darjeelings and every now and then splurge for a good Yunnan, but some of my favorite black teas are inexpensive things like Twinings Prince of Wales (which I'm drinking right now) and the CTC Assams that you can buy in huge boxes for a few dollars at Indian food stores. I hope I don't get myself kicked off of this forum for my confessions.

Mar 29th, '08, 09:01
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by Beanbean » Mar 29th, '08, 09:01

I love black tea. It is my absolute favorite. It is my comfort. Right now I am enjoying my first cup of the day, a very, very strong cup of Grace Assam with a tiny bit of sugar and a splash of milk. Mmmmm! Black tea!

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Mar 29th, '08, 10:14
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by Sydney » Mar 29th, '08, 10:14

I didn't feel that any of the options really did it for me, but picked one vaguely in the neighborhood.

I seldom get into black teas, but do enjoy a few good ones on occasion. Oxidation isn't really my thing, but I've had some that were definitely worth drinking.

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Mar 29th, '08, 10:37
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by CynTEAa » Mar 29th, '08, 10:37

Black tea is my comfort food and the foundation my tea passion is built upon. Yum!

Today starts with Yunnan Gold of course, and a second steeping just now.

Did I read "funner?"


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Mar 29th, '08, 10:38
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by Jack_teachat » Mar 29th, '08, 10:38

Selaphiel wrote:these days its mostly Japanese green teas, but I will try and get more into good green Chinese tea from the 2008 harvest as well.
This is exactly what I am planning on doing!

Have always drank black tea but I now find green far more enjoyable, still drink black from time to time though and am quite partial to Darjeeling and Earl Grey in particular.

Started the day with O-cha's Fukamushi Sencha Supreme

EDIT: I also have a great new pot and cup which is great for brewing sencha, will make sure to post about it in the teaware forum!

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Mar 29th, '08, 11:13
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by GalileosDaughter » Mar 29th, '08, 11:13

CynTEAa wrote:Black tea is my comfort food and the foundation my tea passion is built upon. Yum!
What a lovely way of putting it! I second that emotion!

Grew up drinking black tea, enjoy others, but black teas are "home" to me.

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Mar 29th, '08, 11:44
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by Katmandu » Mar 29th, '08, 11:44

I always always always start my day with a nice cup of assam or irish breakfast or any other black that strikes me at that moment. I dont know what I'd do without my morning black.
But then, no more blacks, its all greens mostly and some whites and oolongs mixed in here and there for the remainder of the day and night.
Today I woke with some Irish breakfast and now Im lovingly smelling and sipping my second steep of Meng Ding Gan Lu and oh how sweet it is! I've never been around tea at the spring !st flush season and its a treat :wink:
Teaspring has all there 2008 out and they look wonderful! I'll keep you updated on the ones I got as I open them...

Have a Jammin Teaday Everyone!