Re-steeping Genmai Cha Pop

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Feb 20th 06 1:13 am
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Re-steeping Genmai Cha Pop

by LiliNathan » Feb 20th 06 1:13 am

Hello tea lovers!

Does anyone re-steep the Genmai Cha with great success? How many times and at what length of time do you suggest? Also, do you prefer 1 tsp. or 2?

Thanks! :D
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Feb 20th 06 3:23 am
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by garden gal » Feb 20th 06 3:23 am

I use my trinitea which makes 4 cups- I use 2tsp for a batch then if I'm making another soon I just add another tsp to the original and re-steep. Seems to work good for me.

Mar 7th 06 5:12 am
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by kodama » Mar 7th 06 5:12 am

I don't know about Adagio (I have a giant bag of Yama Moto Yama), but if you use enough of it (half of teapot - gong fu style) and VERY short (~5 sec) steeping times you can get a good 8 steepings or so that are still nicely toasty and grassy.

Also, if you do that, shift the leaves around between steeps.