Teaspring.com = fraudster!

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Mar 20th 06 5:04 pm
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Teaspring.com = fraudster!

by lisa7722 » Mar 20th 06 5:04 pm

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Teaspring.com!

I read about them and wanted to give them a try! Guess what? It was the worst experience I ever had. They actually keep my credit card info! They commit fraud using my credit card info!

And now, they are trying to sell dvd to me as well! Can you imagine that? They sell bootleg dvd from the site dvdivo.com!

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Mar 20th 06 8:31 pm
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by daughteroftheKing » Mar 20th 06 8:31 pm

Wish I'd seen this warning a couple of weeks ago. I just received my first order from teaspring. Now I'll have to really watch my card. If I run into any problems, I'll let everyone know on this thread.

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Mar 22nd 06 6:16 am
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TeaSpring matter

by daughteroftheKing » Mar 22nd 06 6:16 am

Lisa, I'm really sorry to hear about your bad experience with Teaspring. After reading your post, I emailed them, asking them to remove my credit card # from their info, and that they were getting bad press in the online tea-chat rooms. Their customer service representative replied fairly quickly -- and apologetically. They had already seen the online accusations and were working to resolve it. And they removed my card number from their records.

Your credit card company should cancel any fraudulent charges. (Criminals force us all to be vigilant of our monthly statements.) Teaspring offered to pay for any fraudulent charges on my card should any appear.

This type of theft can totally destroy a business because of the potential damage to its customers. Teaspring seems to be doing what it can to remedy this mess, satisfy its customers, and salvage their reputation. No company in the world is 100% immune from hackers; even the mega-banks have had their security violated.

My experience with Teaspring has been fortunate. They addressed my concerns (I also like the teas I've purchased from them: herbal rosebuds and jasmine flowers). But, if anyone has had difficulties, I think you should contact Teaspring...and let us know what happens.

Mar 23rd 06 6:03 pm
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teaspring don't exist!

by jackietealover » Mar 23rd 06 6:03 pm

After reading about teaspring, i did a check on them on the internet. I also ask my cousin staying in california to check on them. I get a shock when my cousin told me that the company eritier inc don't exist in california! Their address actually belong to a mail forwarding company in La Habra.

This is really sad as teaspring do offer good tea but for now, i rather buy from some site which have more credibility.

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Mar 23rd 06 9:57 pm
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Yes, Virginia, there is a...TeaSpring

by daughteroftheKing » Mar 23rd 06 9:57 pm

TeaSpring DOES exist -- I got a box full of little herbal teas shipped from somewhere in Asia. (Some of the characters on the packaging and the customs-sticker looked Japanese, but I couldn't swear to that.)

Eritier is a webhosting company -- designs a company's webpages, etc. Eritier doesn't actually produce the tea, but it does sell it over the internet. Not every company has the computer know-how nor wants to be bothered with the process of advertising and international bookkeeping. That's what the webhost is for. [Somehow I know that isn't grammatically correct, but I'm going to leave it anyway.]

I love Adagio, but sadly they cannot meet all my tea needs. Ok, maybe my tea NEEDS but not all my tea WANTS.
Anyway, I haven't seen enough yet to convince me that TeaSpring is totally unrealiable.

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Mar 24th 06 12:49 am
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by Marlene » Mar 24th 06 12:49 am

Well, lisa hit RFDT too. Everybody pretty much responded with positive things to say about teaspring. I'd suspect spyware before I'd suspect teaspring being dishonest.

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Mar 24th 06 3:38 pm
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by Richard » Mar 24th 06 3:38 pm

From what I have found, Teaspring *does* seem to be a legit site, and that we ought to blame a coincidence, a really nasty piece of spyware, or something like that. There seem to be enough stories of satisfied customers to make me think that they're a legit company that's just gotten burned. I feel sorry for my counterpart over there, personally...I have enough trouble pointing out to people where the Osmanthus tea is, and their crisis must be several dozen times that in severity. As daughteroftheking pointed out, accusations of fraud can really ruin a company. Much as Adagio wants to be #1, we'd rather it be because everybody realizes that our tea is the best and that we have the friendliest customer service ( :D), not because our competitors are too busy fending off accusations.

I think I'm going to exercise Admin Rights and lock this topic; rather than cause a controversy that we'd be embroiled in, it's probably best to just move on.