Potter's Potions

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Sep 12th 10 12:09 am
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Potter's Potions

by rabbitsib » Sep 12th 10 12:09 am

Just like people to know that I have created a series of teas, I'm calling them Potter's Potions. After over much consideration here is the list of my Harry Potter Potions Series:

ButterBeer Tea http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... blend=7662
Pumpkin Juice http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... blend=7569
Treacle Tart Tea http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... blend=9124
Grudyroot Tea http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... lend=13683
Grudyroot Tea was kinda Zack Luye's Idea :)

Let me know what you think.

:mrgreen: NEW In Honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows NEW :mrgreen:

Polyjuice Tea http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... lend=14378

I got a new Potion Please check it out
Felix Felicis
http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/b ... lend=15825
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Sep 12th 10 3:07 am
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Re: Potter's Potions

by RachelC » Sep 12th 10 3:07 am

I love the labels, I have had Butter Beer and it is very good. It tastes much like my Sweet Velvet Fog. I am surprised your teas don't make the featured listing since you have great labels and I know at least one tea is great since I haven't had the others. :D

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Sep 12th 10 8:06 am
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Re: Potter's Potions

by MadeForTeaVea » Sep 12th 10 8:06 am

As a Harry Potter fan and a tea lover I approve of this. Good on you.

Oct 9th 10 6:40 am
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Re: Potter's Potions

by xhado123 » Oct 9th 10 6:40 am

I cannot wait to get my hands on some of that butterbeer!

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Oct 21st 10 2:30 pm
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Re: Potter's Potions

by zack » Oct 21st 10 2:30 pm

want want want want