"Imperial Palace" Chinese Tea?

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Sep 22nd 10 12:18 pm
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"Imperial Palace" Chinese Tea?

by imperialpalace » Sep 22nd 10 12:18 pm

Ok, so I received a very nice box of teas that are clearly directly from China. There is - but for one notable exception - no western characters at all on the box. That exception is a line that says "The Imperial Palace."

I'm hardly an expert in tea, but I know what I like. And I really like this tea. Seems like an Oolong tea, if I had to guess, which I do, because I can't read the box. Whole-leaf, loose tea that's been dehydrated. One little vacuum-sealed packet makes tea for my entire day of work.. and could probably go longer.

I'm getting dangerously, distressingly close to the end of this box. The chain of custody of this box has obscured and I don't think I can get back to the original importer - friend of a friend has relatives, yadda, yadda.

Does anybody on these forums have hints at how I might go about discovering the identity of this tea and replacing it? Thank you kindly!

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Sep 22nd 10 6:07 pm
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Re: "Imperial Palace" Chinese Tea?

by the_economist » Sep 22nd 10 6:07 pm

i dunno about imperial palace but that's a Tie Guan Yin :) so yes indeed an oolong.

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Sep 23rd 10 12:49 am
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Re: "Imperial Palace" Chinese Tea?

by debunix » Sep 23rd 10 12:49 am

if it's TGY, the next question is, traditional dark roast--brown/black leaves, earthy/toasty flavor, or light roast--green leaves, floral/vegetal flavors?