Interesting Blend

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Feb 10th 11 10:42 pm
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Interesting Blend

by christopherscott2112 » Feb 10th 11 10:42 pm

A Turkey in Turkey is my latest blend. It is composed of 50% Sweet Potato Pie, 40% Hazelnut, and 10% Lapsang Souchong. In my opinion it is a pretty interesting combo. I am not asking anyone to buy one (although that would be pretty neat, for no one besides me has bought a blend of mine) but I would like some opinions of the flavor combinations and such.

Here is the blend: ... 5191a89220

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Feb 10th 11 11:45 pm
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Re: Interesting Blend

by TwoPynts » Feb 10th 11 11:45 pm

Certainly an interesting combo and name. That Lapsang is rather strong so it is good you only went 10%. Let us know how you like it.