New Forbidden Kingdom collection

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Apr 3rd 11 9:14 am
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New Forbidden Kingdom collection

by Aleksei » Apr 3rd 11 9:14 am

So I am a part time worker at Teavana and yes yes I know about the rep they get but I am seriously thinking about making a tea purchase there (usually buy Yixing only). The forbidden kingdom collection is the name, its a collection of some "of the best chinese teas" and you can't even get it online yet. Anway, I cant remember all of the teas but here are some as follows: Phoenix moutain Dan Cong, Huang Shan Mao Feng, Silver yin zen pearls, Monkey picked oolong, an aged Pu-erh ( na nuo i think), Dragonwell, and I can't rememebr the last two green teas. Anyway, they all their own tin and it looks so cool and its only $100 vs getting them seperatly (and 3 of them are not sold in the store) would be over $200 buck minus tins! If anyone would like to comment or reccomend for or against it or better alternatives then I'm all ears, but come this Friday's paycheck, I might have to indulge if I can't find a reason not to. I admit I am novice at tea, working there doesn't really teach you about the culture of tea that can usually be found through experience.. not selling....but I'm just a college student now, who loves the taste, and the energy it gives me! But of course I would like to develop my palate for tea at a young age.

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Apr 3rd 11 1:26 pm
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Re: New Forbidden Kingdom collection

by JRS22 » Apr 3rd 11 1:26 pm

Aside from any issues about the quality of Teavana teas (and I have no firsthand experience there) except for the puerh these are 2010 teas that will shortly be displaced by the fresh 2011 harvest teas. In addition, teas can have the same name but be of very different qualities. For example, dragonwell covers a lot of ground, much of it covered with inexpensive teas.

When I first began drinking good tea I bought loose tea by the pound or the half-pound, and eventually had to throw a lot of it away. My taste changed and improved as I experimented, and the tea went stale before I got around to drinking it. I also paid a premium for the tins that the tea, only to discover that tins without double lids so they didn't keep the tea fresh enough.

What I learned from my early buying and brewing mistakes was to buy samples and read about proper brewing here. You can buy generous samples here at Adagio, or from Tea Trekker, or Jing Tea Shop (in China), and spend a lot less money experimenting and learning about fine teas.

Apr 4th 11 3:35 am
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Re: New Forbidden Kingdom collection

by brose » Apr 4th 11 3:35 am

$100 could be good or bad, depending on how much tea and the quality, or if you really want those tins. I think you can piece together some decent samplers online of the same type for much less, I'm thinking of JAS eTea offhand but I'm sure there are others that have the selection of samples you are looking at for less $ or more tea. Check out the TeaVendor guide on the forums.

Jun 14th 11 6:30 am
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Re: New Forbidden Kingdom collection

by lurtheslime » Jun 14th 11 6:30 am

I've seen this collection. It's in an attractive box, and it's true that compared to buying tea the normal way from Teavana (i.e. deli counter style), you're bound to get a better deal. I also thought it was interesting that three out of the eight teas in the collection are not offered behind the counter (I'd assume this is because they're not able to be acquired in bulk ala the teas behind the counter). The three teas not offered otherwise are Tai Ping Hou Kui, Liu An Gua Pian, and Nan Nuo Shan (2 greens, and a pu-erh, respectively).
The biggest negative to the set, in my mind, is the quality of the tins. They are pretty, but they aren't double lidded, and don't have the air-tight rubber seal Teavana's pricey house tins have. Still, if anyone's interested in getting a BIG sampler set from Teavana, this would be the one to go with since it offers up 8 unflavored teas.

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Jun 14th 11 11:43 am
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Re: New Forbidden Kingdom collection

by Chip » Jun 14th 11 11:43 am

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