The Car Crash

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May 31st 06 6:28 pm
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The Car Crash

by rabbit » May 31st 06 6:28 pm

Well, I was sitting at my pc yesterday, and suddenly my house shook like a bomb went off... I mean it REALLY shook, stuff fell off the walls and I heard glass breaking, etc... I guess a car lost their brakes on the mountain next to my house and went straight into my house! So I run outside and there are two young girls (about 18 ) one was unconscious and the other was bleeding profusely from her head, the car was half in my house... so I run back inside and call 911 and get the bleeding a girl a towel to get the blood out of her eyes, and tell her to sit down so she wont get too dizzy, the other girl was awake and got out of the car but had a broken leg... now there is a gaping hole in the side of my house :( Not sure how the two girls are doing, but they looked like they'd live. What a day!

this is the hole

all the walls on the first floor of the house a cracked in many differant places

the path of the runaway truck

as you can see, my basement was completely destroyed

staring at some carnage

In the basement, the bricks flew across the whole room and moved the water heater, if I'd been down there I would have got a face full of bricks and probably would have died!

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May 31st 06 8:19 pm
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by klemptor » May 31st 06 8:19 pm

Good job with pic #3!

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May 31st 06 8:40 pm
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by hummingbird » May 31st 06 8:40 pm

Wow - that is quite some rabbit hole. :shock:

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May 31st 06 10:40 pm
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by peachaddict » May 31st 06 10:40 pm

At least you weren't in the basement. Looks bad. Hope you can get things fixed soon.

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Jun 1st 06 4:26 am
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by Chip » Jun 1st 06 4:26 am

...looks like your house should have a Car Fax report...heheh.

Anyway, good thing Rabbit was not eating grass in the yard that day...

OK, really now, seriously now, how is your tea, dude???!!!???

Hey, come on Chip, people were hurt here. Glad to see you can now serve really good drive through tea as part of your new business venture, just like Starbucks.

Sick, sick, sick...I will blame it on all the drugs I smoked, but never inhaled, as a teenager....

Glad you were not hurt, dude, and I hope the 2 girls are doing ok.

Jun 6th 06 4:21 pm
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by jzero » Jun 6th 06 4:21 pm

Rabbit is a total stud muffin. The ladies aren't just beating down the door, they are smashing through the walls!

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Jun 6th 06 5:42 pm
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by rabbit » Jun 6th 06 5:42 pm

rofl! :lol: