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Oct 6th, '11, 21:46
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by RogueBagel » Oct 6th, '11, 21:46

Alright, I'm starting to think i'm getting addicted to the Foxtrot tea :p
I've even started drinking it in the mornings! 1.5 ounces goes too fast... anyone else addicted?

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Mar 27th, '12, 20:35
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Re: Foxtrot!

by Hannah » Mar 27th, '12, 20:35

Sorry for the thread revival but I'm curious about foxtrot tea! What does it taste like? Where do you get it from?

I've never heard of it!!

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Mar 27th, '12, 20:45
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Re: Foxtrot!

by Chip » Mar 27th, '12, 20:45

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May 30th, '12, 19:55
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Re: Foxtrot!

by equiraptor » May 30th, '12, 19:55

I know, I'm reviving an old thread, but this sub-forum doesn't get enough attention, and Foxtrot is wonderful! When I'm feeling particularly decadent, I add honey.

I find Foxtrot fantastic as a calming/comfort tea. It's a safety blanket in liquid form, and is particularly good at this when I'm not feeling well and my boyfriend makes it for me.

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