Faster Forum!

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Jan 31st, '12, 16:39
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Faster Forum!

by Chip » Jan 31st, '12, 16:39

Greetings. For some time the forum page loads have been ... slowwwww. PMs and User Control Panel insanely slow.

Hopefully the problem has been fully resolved. I am getting instant page loads for every function. Where is a jump up and down emoticon when you need one :!: :?: :!: Hopefully this will continue ...

I am sure this has been a source of frustration to many of you, believe me, I empathize with you.

Please let me know if you continue to experience problems along this regard.

Now that this is taken care, we hope to give TeaChat a fresh coat of paint and hopefully resolve a few other issues as well. Maybe add a trick or two.

Please also feel free to let me know any other ideas or problems ... and now that the PM is working fast again, you can PM me (or email me at ) or post here.

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Jan 31st, '12, 20:06
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Re: Faster Forum!

by woozl » Jan 31st, '12, 20:06

Nice and fast. :D
Feeling like dial up modem before

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Jan 31st, '12, 20:25
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Re: Faster Forum!

by Corona » Jan 31st, '12, 20:25

I thought something was up - I knew it was out of the ordinary for things to load so fast!

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Feb 1st, '12, 05:14
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Re: Faster Forum!

by Nenugal » Feb 1st, '12, 05:14

A huge difference, much better now :mrgreen:

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Feb 1st, '12, 15:13
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Re: Faster Forum!

by teaisme » Feb 1st, '12, 15:13


I was beginning to think teachat was permanently under dos attack!

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