India. Travel futures and logs!

Culture, language, tangibles, intangibles from countries known for tea. China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, etc...

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May 19th, '12, 22:51
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India. Travel futures and logs!

by Chip » May 19th, '12, 22:51

Please consider this a perennial topic on member travels to India ... whether in the past, present or even future. So, please share your journey experience with us.

I will sticky this topic for now.

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Aug 31st, '12, 14:16
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Re: India. Travel futures and logs!

by jayinhk » Aug 31st, '12, 14:16

India, like many less-economically developed nations, is full of tea drinkers who think tea bags are the way to go for quality and loose tea is for poor people. Once the world's largest tea producer, tea is consumed in a variety of ways: hot, strong and very, very sweet in Mumbai, with baking soda in Kashmir and often with masala (what people in the west call 'chai,' which is just the Hindi word for tea).

I hope to be out there in Jan '13 and get some tea drinking in, although I don't know if I'll be able to make it up to Assam!

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Dec 27th, '12, 20:01
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Don't Upset The Tea Workers

by Herb_Master » Dec 27th, '12, 20:01

Sep 1st, '17, 02:07
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Re: India. Travel futures and logs!

by winsantdotcom » Sep 1st, '17, 02:07

In India tea is probably the most preferred drink after water...

You will find tea stalls at most cross-roads....

For Tea-lovers India is THE PLACE TO TRAVEL....

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