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Aug 15th, '12, 08:53
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New Tea Blog

by TwoDog2 » Aug 15th, '12, 08:53

Check out my new tea blog , it is mostly puer based, but I will have all kinds of tea and tea related topics.

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Aug 15th, '12, 09:08
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Re: New Tea Blog

by BioHorn » Aug 15th, '12, 09:08

Congrats Mr. Two Dog. Your contributions to TC have been enjoyable. I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you.

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Aug 15th, '12, 15:23
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Re: New Tea Blog

by teaisme » Aug 15th, '12, 15:23

its interesting how I don't like to write reviews, but love to read them.

Be checking up on your blog esp with all the YS reviews, nice to compare opinion. Like your simple clean layout.

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Aug 15th, '12, 19:26
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Re: New Tea Blog

by Drax » Aug 15th, '12, 19:26

Nice...! And I like the fun sound/rhyme with the title!

Sep 14th, '12, 00:31
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Re: New Tea Blog

by Emmett » Sep 14th, '12, 00:31 a blog about mostly Puerh and Kung Fu

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