What's on your list?

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Oct 8th, '12, 19:18
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What's on your list?

by Lerxst2112 » Oct 8th, '12, 19:18

Christmas is right around the corner. What teas/teaware are you hoping for?

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Oct 8th, '12, 19:31
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Re: What's on your list?

by Poohblah » Oct 8th, '12, 19:31

all I want is to share a few quiet cups with my companion.

and maybe a better job. I could use one of those

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Oct 27th, '12, 05:29
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Re: What's on your list?

by xdunlapx » Oct 27th, '12, 05:29

Hmm what's on my list? So much to choose from!

I would like a good mesh infuser, a teabag squeezer since I still have a lot of bagged tea here to go through, and tea cups that are not coffee mugs. I'm still looking for my perfect tea cups. I would also like a $100 or more prepaid visa so I can buy a lot of variety of tea to try. I want to try golden monkey for one. I just bought an electric kettle which I LOVE! Just got it today so I don't need one for Christmas unless this one is defective and breaks.

This mug looks nice. I like the look of glass so I can see the color of the tea. http://www.teavana.com/tea-products/tea ... el-infuser

I'd also like a little timer that is going to last a while. Right now I'm using the microwave timer. We had a dual timer but it was defective and broke not long after I started using it for cooking. It was just a cheapy little thing.

There is so much to explore when it comes to the world of tea. :)

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