Egyptian vs German Chamomile

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Feb 6th, '13, 09:30
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Egyptian vs German Chamomile

by Arshness » Feb 6th, '13, 09:30

Is there really any difference?

In flavor particularly.

May 22nd, '13, 06:04
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Re: Egyptian vs German Chamomile

by jbu2 » May 22nd, '13, 06:04

never heard of Egyptian Chamomile but the health studied i know we're done on German Chamomile so i stick with that .

Sep 29th, '13, 11:40
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Re: Egyptian vs German Chamomile

by Chasm » Sep 29th, '13, 11:40

I've only tried Egyptian. What would be a good source for high-quality German chamomile?

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Sep 29th, '13, 12:10
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Re: Egyptian vs German Chamomile

by JRS22 » Sep 29th, '13, 12:10

I've been drinking the Egyptian chamomile sold by our forum host Adagio. I've been having tummy troubles and the tea definitely helps. I prepare a thermos of tea in the morning and drink it when I'm queasy and it has a gentle but noticeable impact. Consider me a one-person experiment!

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