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Apr 2nd, '13, 13:39
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small glass kettles

by yalokinh » Apr 2nd, '13, 13:39

Does anyone know of any source that sells pretty small glass kettles, like 300ml/ 10oz capacity?
I think would make tea brewing faster since I'm using a 1.5L glass kettle now, it just takes forever for the water to get to the right temperature. and if the water sits for a while, it starts getting a weird taste.

Apr 2nd, '13, 14:06
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Re: small glass kettles

by theredbaron » Apr 2nd, '13, 14:06

Why don't you just half fill the kettle, or even less? The water will boil much quicker.

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Apr 2nd, '13, 16:08
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Re: small glass kettles

by victoria3 » Apr 2nd, '13, 16:08

Not sure what kind of tea you are brewing but this one is very nice,
Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass, I posted a review at steepster also; ... unce-glass

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Apr 2nd, '13, 16:08
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Re: small glass kettles

by wyardley » Apr 2nd, '13, 16:08

Most of the really small ones are side-handled.

You could try the Vancouver / Richmond branch of Best Tea House - I think they used to have them, but not sure if they do anymore.

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Apr 2nd, '13, 16:37
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Re: small glass kettles

by brandon » Apr 2nd, '13, 16:37 ... 007fe.html

This thing isn't terrible, but the etching all over it is kind of a turn off.

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