Steeping time

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Apr 14th, '13, 00:29
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Steeping time

by justice9311 » Apr 14th, '13, 00:29

Brand new here. :) Where can I find instructions on steeping temp and time for the different signature blends?



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Apr 16th, '13, 12:20
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Re: Steeping time

by Snooteaperson » Apr 16th, '13, 12:20

Just go by the ingredients. If it's mostly green tea, then steep as you would a green. If it's mostly black, steep it like a black, etc.

Apr 18th, '13, 14:07
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Re: Steeping time

by justice9311 » Apr 18th, '13, 14:07

Thanks so much!

May 31st, '15, 17:46
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Re: Steeping time

by coffeeteaunited » May 31st, '15, 17:46

Steeping time just comes naturally when you drink enough tea, you just know when it's ready!

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