Does it matter which oolong tea you drink?

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Aug 24th 06 3:30 am
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Does it matter which oolong tea you drink?

by shinkansen » Aug 24th 06 3:30 am

I've read that Oolong tea helps you lose weight, but does it matter what kind of oolong? What if I want to buy it from a local store how do I know I'm being sold real authentic oolong?
The idea that oolong helps you lose weight is that true or myth? Do you need to exercise at the same time?
Also, if you drink oolong tea cold does that mean it won't help you lose weight, reduce appetite, and boost your energy? (It doesn't matter if its hot or cold?)

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Aug 24th 06 2:18 pm
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by klemptor » Aug 24th 06 2:18 pm

Tea contains caffeine, which can suppress your appetite to a small degree. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which can help you shed water weight (as diuretics increase the volume of urinary excretion). If you want to drink oolong for weight loss, go for it, but don't expect real results. The only way I see it working is if you replaced snacks with oolong tea (and didn't add sugar to your tea). Then you're just reducing your caloric intake, which will of course help you in your weight loss goal.

Exercise is always an important part of weight loss.

You can drink your oolong hot or cold; it's still got the same chemical properties either way.
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Aug 24th 06 7:22 pm
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by Warden Andy » Aug 24th 06 7:22 pm

Super elite tea facist....

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Aug 24th 06 9:44 pm
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by rabbit » Aug 24th 06 9:44 pm

Don't drink tea to loose weight... tea knows what you are drinking it for and it will purposely make you fat if you do that.

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Aug 26th 06 12:34 am
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by filiagro » Aug 26th 06 12:34 am

klemptor wrote: The only way I see it working is if you replaced snacks with oolong tea (and didn't add sugar to your tea).
If you add sugar to your tea it will just wreck the tea anyways, in my opinion anyways. Also if you are serious about losing weight go exercise. You can't just cut corners to lose weight. Plus, if your exercising on a regular basis you will feel much better physically and mentally.
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Aug 26th 06 12:31 pm
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by allen12 » Aug 26th 06 12:31 pm

Hi shinkansen

I am not going to discuss if oolong tea can really helps you lose weight as results are not definite with only few research reports available in public and there are no conclusive results. Some people do and some people don't after trying oolong tea. Also, I believe controlling your diet is equally important.

Regarding"real authentic oolong", you must first be clear that oolong/wulong tea is just a category of tea classification (just like green tea,white tea etc). As long as the fermentation level is around 40-50%, it is an oolong /wulong tea. The only difference between oolong tea is due to the different processing method like pan frying etc, resulting in various grades of oolong/wulong tea like the premium oolong tea (Ti Kuan Yin), wuyi rock tea or Shui Sian and Tong Ding Wu Long etc. The basic properties are the same but more important to tea drinkers, it is the taste and aroma of the tea that classify whether one oolong tea is better than others. Not its "potential slimming properties" So, if u can get real Natural oolong tea (not green tea, white tea, black tea etc) from your local store, just go for it and try it out. There is no harm in drinking it. Just make sure its not those "slimming tea" that may have added additives to it - may have side effects and to me it is not a natural tea.

You are welcome to drop by my blog for more info on oolong/wulong tea.


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Aug 28th 06 6:58 pm
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by Madam Potts » Aug 28th 06 6:58 pm

Rrrr! Here it comes again - Tea and WeightLoss.

Just drinking tea helps you lose weight as much as Diet Coke, red wine, energy drinks or Yogurt smoothies...bascially it is not any ONE product that helps you lose weight, but a combo of food choices and exercise. If tea (and it's all the same plant, green, black, oolong) had these amazing powers then every sipper on this board would chime in with success stories of how drinking tea every day has noticeably changed their physique.

Tea has lots of great properties and some may help "boost your metabolism" but that is only a cliche if you aren't eating a balanced diet or do not use proper portion control.
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Jan 2nd 07 4:15 am
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by kissmyhuman » Jan 2nd 07 4:15 am

Like the others have said above, there are no cutting corners with weight loss.

I've been going to the gym as often as I can since around thanksgiving... roughly 4-5 days a week (I'm averaging, sometimes it was 7 but there were days where my gym was closed as part of remodeling or for the holidays) and I've lost about 5 pounds. Was it the tea? Probably not. Was it the 7 miles on the bike machine and a round of weightlifting exercises? More likely. If you're overweight to the point where the treadmill doesn't look too friendly, then try the bike, a striding machine, or swimming.

Exercising also releases endorphins which helps things like anxiety and mild depression.

My decision to become a tea drinker was simply influenced by the fact that I wanted to cut soda and sugary juices out of my diet as much as I could. Because I drink green and white teas I also get the nice side effect of a lower overall daily caffeine intake and better sleep.

Theres many various studies that point to tea increasing your metabolism by about 50-70 calories a day... that's not much if you consider a pound of fat is 3500 calories.

As far as reducing appetite, I would say that it's because you're hydrating yourself and many people confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger.

Drinking it hot or cold won't change the health effects as far as I'm aware. Drink it for the taste and enjoyment. Just like fine wines there are many different flavors of tea worthy of being in your cup.

The only "health" benefit I consciously use tea for is my dandruff. I brew two lipton green tea bags in 6oz of boiling water for 20-25 mins and let that soak in my hair after a shower (let it cool down people). Tea is a well known antiseptic... did three treatments and my dandruff was cut 90%

PS good luck if you decide to stick to a diet and exercise plan.

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Feb 15th 07 9:41 pm
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by Oolongaddict » Feb 15th 07 9:41 pm

Tea, especially oolongs, definitely aren't a quick fix when it comes to weight loss. It's not a magical elixir, or the potion of life. However, oolongs can help in the battle when supplemented with good diet and exercise. It doesn't substitute good ol' sweating and straining.

Now there are health benefits to tea, most definitely. My fiancee, a juvenile diabetic, discovered from a publication for Diabetics that oolongs and greens help diabetics manage their blood glucose level. Though there's a disclaimer - only when tea drinking is used to supplement exercise and watching what you eat.

Is tea good for you? Most definitely. Is it refreshing? You betcha. Will it give you a figure akin to Sylvester Stallone's or Laetitia Casta?

I wish. :roll:

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Feb 15th 07 9:49 pm
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by Space Samurai » Feb 15th 07 9:49 pm

Seriously, just yesterday there was a woman, so large she was using a motorized cart do haul herself around, in my store looking for a green tea that a friend told her to buy, so she could loose weight. I felt sad for her.

Jul 11th 07 2:53 am
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by packrat » Jul 11th 07 2:53 am

There is some reasearch which suggests that oolong tea does inhibit to some degree absorption of fats in the intestine. It's not a magic cure, though.

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Jul 12th 07 3:30 am
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by augie » Jul 12th 07 3:30 am

Personally, I think it's a matter of replacing a disgusting mindless habit of mine (eating when not physically hungry) with drinking tea. Today I got busy at work and had two cups of tea before I realized I didn't eat breakfast! I probably didn't need it.

ALSO, making an effort to drink tea may keep one hydrated and less likely to confuse hunger with thirst. Or keep you from buying a diet coke and a extra large snickers or Big grab of Doritos every afternoon???

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Jul 12th 07 7:14 pm
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by ABx » Jul 12th 07 7:14 pm

My gf has been doing yoga and watching what she eats to lose weight for some time now. I can say that since she has started seriously drinking teas (of all kinds), her weight loss has been accelerated by a couple of pounds per month. Although this is hardly scientific, I do think that tea can help, but only if you're doing everything else you need to do. She has noted that she hasn't felt the need to eat as much since drinking lots of tea, but the bottom line is that she doesn't drink tea to lose weight. She drinks tea because she likes the tea and it makes her feel a lot better and more balanced than coffee ever did (which we both drank for years). Although perhaps I'm biased, I think that's probably the best way to approach it :)

Jul 25th 07 5:13 am
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by retrogradesonnet » Jul 25th 07 5:13 am

It's unreasonable to look for a magic cure for weight loss. I agree.

It is, however, entirely reasonable to wonder if, given that you're already trying to diet and cut down on snack, and exercising regularly, drinking a certain kind of tea will help that.

I drink a lot of tea. If there were one that helped more than another, I'd like to try it and see if I could make it another regular, healthy habit.

Is there a tea like that? I've read this thread completely and haven't seen an answer.... maybe there isn't one.

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Jul 25th 07 7:04 am
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by ABx » Jul 25th 07 7:04 am

I honestly don't think there's a single kind of tea that's best. Just try as much as you can and drink what you like the most.